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  1. soiltester

    Bark collars?

    Just joshin' with ya' ;) This is my wife's 3rd teacup Yorkie at under 5# and the 1st purebred we picked up as soon as it could leave. Her dog has her training issues, but is great around me!! LOL ;) The bark in her, is coming on more as it get's older, as she knows now, how to clear the yard of...
  2. soiltester

    Bark collars?

    Add this and git' ear plugs like I do :nutz
  3. soiltester

    Well boys, looks like I'm retiring...

    Dad, I'm your son you never met ;):eek:
  4. soiltester

    Surely not?

    Congrats and pretty neat :tu
  5. soiltester

    So yeah… What he said….

    I'm with ya' Hole .. but it's way to late fer' the rest of the "whatever's they is wanta' be's" :nutz
  6. soiltester

    Tasteful Success Pics

    Great poses pics with great toms :bow an' dat's what it' all bout' :tu
  7. soiltester

    A few more days....then bring the rain!!

    Nutin' but a sweet place shapin' up :tu
  8. soiltester

    Tasteful Success Pics

    Bill .. I'm still guessin' on yer' pic. ?? Tasteful or tactful ??;)
  9. soiltester

    Tagged out

    Just a pretty neat story and pics. :tu Congrats and savor your day, till' the next time that, you git' it' done!!
  10. soiltester

    My First.

    I believe ya' already had that tax paid fer' :tu Congrats on yer' 1st and don't pay no mine' to Luigi, as he's from the GVT :eek:
  11. soiltester

    Back From Mexico

    I've been in the High Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains on the Chihuahua and Snora boarders this week and had a great hunt!! 2 nice Gould's, 20.4# & 20.6#. 10 1/8" and 10 1/2" beards with no spurs, which is common in Gould's.
  12. soiltester

    On the drawing board.

    LOOKING GOOD and shapin' right up :tu
  13. soiltester

    Sequel to "Why Do You Drink Alcohol?" - "Who Has Ever Quit Drinking?"

    Awhile back, an ole' younger high school classmate ask me, "do you drink as much beer as you use too"?? "I don't drink anymore" I replied :tu Then said, "but I don't drink any less either" :grvn
  14. soiltester


    Thanks to MJ, got the envelope sealed up and gonna' B' in the mail tomorrow :tu I hate to support a charity fund site, that charges excess % ;)
  15. soiltester


    x2 :tu
  16. soiltester

    These geese, I’m tellin’ ya…

    AAAAHHHHH, to be young again :flame:bow
  17. soiltester

    Jim Ronquest Talks Turkey

    No doubt here in S.C. !!
  18. soiltester

    What causes a front truck tire to wear like this?

    I believe we have a correct answer :tu Want to hear bout' one of my guy acquaintances from Ohio, we met up with in Gatlinburg and he couldn't figure why his tires, with 80k on them, couldn't get his 2 wheeled long bed truck up the hill and spun out :nutz
  19. soiltester

    UPS. WOW.

    I was going to lend my MI buddy my double aluminum gun case and UPS wanted $60 to ship it to him :nutz I think not, and told the buddy to buy one with the money I didn't spend for him ;)
  20. soiltester

    Time with the boys

    They grow up quicker than U think .. enjoy your times with them ;):tu