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  1. Mudbug

    Tss 4 effective coyote range?

    I hand cast TT shot 21 caliber almost pure lead, soft. I use steel powder in new Rio 3" hulls and MG42 wads with a roll crimp. I can only fit 49 pellets in but there going very close to 1400 fps. There shot out of a m3500 30" Stoeger and an extended ported .670 choke. I put at least 6 pellets...
  2. Mudbug

    Death in a 3" roll,,, 12 gauge reloads.

    I think you are right.
  3. Mudbug

    Death in a 3" roll,,, 12 gauge reloads.

    Never had them tested. There is a published load and it's listed at 1400. I have a magnetospeed one day I'll run them over it. On my 3 1/2 chamber shotgun, it is listed up to 13,000. The lead F's have killed MANY coyotes. Your right I never cared for a #4 buck either especially through a .670 choke.
  4. Mudbug

    Death in a 3" roll,,, 12 gauge reloads.

    I'm quite confident things will die. My normal coyote loads but with TT lead 21 caliber instead of lead F 22 caliber pellets. One and a half oz. With the TT I get one extra pellet in a 3" roll crimp shell, that's 49 pellets. They book at 1400 fps with a load of steel powder. I got 21 hits on a...
  5. Mudbug

    How close do you run your shotshells to SAAM length specks?

    MY two Duck guns are 3 1/2 chambers but the kids have pumps and autoloaders that are only 3". We do roll crimps on our steel shells. 2.760 (70.10) ROLLED saami 2.655 (67.44) FOLDED saami Mine run at 2.70 rolled. They should run through their autos? Mine of course eats them with no problems.
  6. Mudbug

    Which boat to choose
  7. Mudbug

    Freezing weather launch and recovery procedure

    Never had an outboard. BUT up here in cold MT we run well into winter and -20* My Sportjet inboard is a self-draining V6 and the mud boat is an air-cooled surface drive. Both have rollers on the trailer, not bunks, bunks freeze to the boat. If you stop with the jet the pump could freeze when...
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  10. Mudbug

    After all the steel loads a guy has worked up...

    I do re-load. Lead and steel and buckshot. We use around 500 steel shells a season. I have special load for special game/hunting. Like 1.5 oz TT F lead 3" for coyotes, 1 1/2 oz #6 for crane and turkey, duplex 1 3/8 oz # 5X7.5 for pheasants, and 1 1/4 oz #7.5 for doves. Steel sucks, everything...
  11. Mudbug

    What causes a front truck tire to wear like this?

    Do you EVER rotate your tires? You have an alinement issue.
  12. Mudbug

    Guess I have to build my duck boat

    OK here is a thought. We made a mud boat with a sea nymph flat hull and a 27 hp Mudbuddy long tail. Worked great BUT. It had 4 guides I guess there called on the bottom and a fairly pointed front. One thing, the guides on the bottom cut into the mud making for less bearing service on the mud...
  13. Mudbug

    Bbq or baked

    How do you keep it lit?
  14. Mudbug

    Rifle for big whitetails?

    Any of the 243/6mm class will work perfectly. BUT look at the Grendel in a bolt very impressive
  15. Mudbug

    Rifle for big whitetails?

    You get a big mag then you're trying to find a meat saver bullet or reduced recoil loads. They will drop any deer known to man but at a price. A 243/ 6mm rem will flatten ANY deer at 400 yards, ps you ever shoot 400 yards, that LOOOONG ways and need a lot of practice with any rifle. We got my...
  16. Mudbug

    It's not a truck but it is on solid ground and has a motor.

    YUP changed the pump, in-tank pickup tube, and filter. Runs great
  17. Mudbug

    outboard to surface drive?

    We have an 18 foot Exel mud boat and a 40 HP Mudbuddy motor. Two people we can get as much as 30 MPH when the wind and water are right I'm guessing you could never get 38 with an outbourd. AND we have reverse.
  18. Mudbug

    Did your hunt today!

    Well, out where I hunt it's wide open, the bunnies can't see or hear well In that kind of wind, so they sit on their holes. I can't see or hear well so they get to cover before I see them. I never actually SEEN a rabbit windblown across the prairie but have heard of stories that they do...
  19. Mudbug

    Did your hunt today!

    30/40 mph winds again yesterday, no calling coyotes. But I did get out and crashed 3-foot snowdrifts looking for some cottontails. Apparently, they don't like 30/40 mph winds either...

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