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  1. sdkidaho

    “That was the most Army chit I ever saw”

    Used to help the local reservations IT department. The lady would call to order parts and we would get them for her and help install if necessary. She calls one day and says "I want this $4000 ethernet switch." I explain to her that she doesn't need that and that I can get her one that does...
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    Mercator Misconceptions: Clever Map Shows the True Size of Countries

    Cool stuff:
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    Spring Bear hunting tips

    Thought this was some good information if it applies to the area you're in:
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    No water

    Dude... I'm not that old...
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    No water

    This. We have sub-division after sub-division going in. Everywhere. A new rule here (at least in my county, not sure about the state yet) is that farmers who sell ground to be developed have to use some of their surface water rights to run a pump for lawn irrigation. Every lot they develop...
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    Pray for me please I am beginning to lose my faith in Jesus as being a benevolent God.

    I read something today about spiritual apathy and wanted to share it with you @Bear I hope that's helpful - I know it was for me. I'm grateful that men are willing to share their struggles and humble enough to ask for help - that gives strength to others without the the one facing the trial...
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    Pickle Heads

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    Pickle Heads

    Saw a guy on FB making these and thought they were kind of cool. Guy by the name of Chandler Stokes made these, cork body with basswood/cedar heads:
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    I've been trying this - bought some raw unfiltered honey from a family that lives a couple miles away. Started in January - guess we'll see how it goes but I have hope it does anything at all.
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    Claritin D was the best one I had found until I noticed a change in daily habits... yeah... that one makes your prostate swell. No bueno.
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    Scam centers in India

    Check out this video where Mark Rober and a team of people mess with scam call centers in India who exist to steal money from people who are primarily 65 years and older: Watch it - share it - spread the word. It's actually a good cause.
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    Lock him up

    But... but... if they don't lock him up now, he might run again! Right? That's the real reason for this kind of nonsense, right?
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    I think this might be part of your skin problem...
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    All things Corona and COVID-19

    Uh... why didn't she turn on the car? Seems there's more to the story here. If she was incapable of turning on the car, then it sounds like neglect on someone else's part in leaving her by herself like that. Tragedy to be sure.
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    Living next to your kid? RIGHT next door???? Positives? Negatives? etc???

    I live right next door to my dad (150 yards +-), and on the other side of him is my daughter (about 300 yards from me). Love it. Access to dad to spend time with him. Access to my grandkid. Access to daughter and son in-law. Love it all.
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    Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Nowhere does it say "unless", to give us a...
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    Why are there so many Christian denominations and only one Bible?

    I'm sure there are many reasons why there are so many different denominations - I don't think I could accurately list them all. Perhaps if within those different denominations we focused on what we have in common, rather than our differences, we could become more apt to follow the Savior...
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    Pray for me please I am beginning to lose my faith in Jesus as being a benevolent God.

    Just listened to a neural surgeon talk about addictions and how they literally shrink parts of the brain. He spoke about research and studies that show how to reverse the effects of that brain shrinkage (damage?). These things helped reverse the negative effects of addiction: Meditation...