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  1. Sunklands


    Old.........any Buster Keaton?
  2. Sunklands

    Traditional Broadheads

    Steelforce 225gr. single bevel.
  3. Sunklands

    Do you drive as fast as you used to.....

    Rustling still happens, just more sophisticated.
  4. Sunklands

    Do you drive as fast as you used to.....

    Load’em like a boxcar, drive’em likes race car. Pulled many a cow pot past the scales. Usually the DOT folks don’t hassle us to bad when we haul stock. As long as we’re not over 90k, they’ll let us slide. Did get pulled in at West Memphis on N bound I55. Got a new guy with a chip on his shoulder...
  5. Sunklands

    Do you drive as fast as you used to.....

    Keeping them in the hammer lane. Both of these are triple digit trucks, with 80k pounds.
  6. Sunklands

    I have Covid

    You got a head cold, that’s what you got.
  7. Sunklands

    single shot 10ga

    I’ve got 3 single shot 10’s. 2 New England’s and an H&R. The H&R is a Sportsman’s Long Range and has the low hammer and softer trigger. It is by far the best of the 3. I think they did away with the low hammer, due to safety reasons. These guns desperately needed more help with choking and the...
  8. Sunklands

    If You Live on the East Coast and Use Diesel...

    Wouldn’t call it hoarding but I’m sitting on about ~17,000 gallon and burning it up by the minute.
  9. Sunklands

    Excited to be here

    Do you offer a call for these?
  10. Sunklands

    Ray Scott founder of B.A.S.S. passes.

    I remember how much of a treat it was getting a Bassmasters magazine in the mail. By magazine standards at the time, a subscription was pretty pricey. Think it may have been a gift. Had a sticker on my tackle box and an embroidered patch on a hat. 10 years old, with an Abu Garcia 5000, pig and...
  11. Sunklands

    Well boys, looks like I'm retiring...

    Not nearly the loot you’re speaking of but years ago my girlfriend’s younger brother, just turned 18 and went and bought $10 worth of scratch off tickets. First time player and won $18,000.
  12. Sunklands

    I am back baby!

    West Memphis Flying J, was always a late night experience.
  13. Sunklands

    While Attending Your Kid’s Games

    Where I played h.s. football, everyone watched the game but that’s the difference in a traditional winning program and a conservative community that supports the school. The attention of the fans gets on the game when a(their) team is in the red zone, obviously. My junior year I was playing weak...
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    That’s not what they, “were” called round here years ago.
  15. Sunklands

    10 gauge Reloading manual

    I’ll look and see if I can find mine and send copies of pages to anyone.
  16. Sunklands

    Lock him up

    We shouldn’t hold men to such high of standard, after all they are “man”. It’s very easy to see the flaws of man, if we have a relationship with god. If Fowl Hunter has seen the beauty of nature and has experienced such good health, he of all, should know the power of the lord. There’s way to...
  17. Sunklands

    What are your current outdoor activities?

    Trying to finish up planting corn, so that I can start rice and beans. Been an extremely wet spring. My corn acres are gonna be down and my projected rice acres maybe too. Gonna be alot of beans from here south. When it’s to wet to work in the field, I’ve been running lines, for flatheads.
  18. Sunklands

    Trump backed candidates

    Exactly. Stay with the best man. Why does it have to be a coed pres/vp? The best two people are Trump and DeSantis, period. That’s gonna step on some toes and even republicans will fear the loss of women voters. Well, a sensible woman or person period, should understand that it has nothing to do...
  19. Sunklands

    Catching a few Cubs games at Wrigley

    Glad you’re spending time with your son, sorry that it to watch the cubs,.........unless the Cards are whoopin their arse.