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  1. Drake91

    Patterned some Black Cloud TSS 3&9

    If you mostly shoot teal I wouldn't waste money on that load any cheap steel #4-#6 will do the trick on them Lil guys
  2. Drake91

    Tss 4 effective coyote range?

    I wouldn't worry about it with that pellet count I've taken coyote with #4 buck to 70 yards and it doesn't have the pellet count that tss #4 does
  3. Drake91


    I'm a benelli fan true an through but I won't disagree with anyone talking smack on a sbe3 I sold mine hands down the worst benelli I've owned
  4. Drake91

    Jebs chokes

    I'm pretty sure the smoke series is a Lead only choke...
  5. Drake91

    Share: KENT Fasteel 2.0 20 GA 3" 7/8oz 1550 FPS

    I don't like any larger that #4 in a 20 due to lack of density... #5's In the upland steel stated above are awesome shells
  6. Drake91

    School me on Copper Solids...

    Yup for awhile now
  7. Drake91

    School me on Copper Solids...

    I've been shooting federal factory Barnes tsx in my 7mm rem mag 160 grain very accurate and not one deer made more than a step or 2 after being hit... I like em
  8. Drake91

    Choke tubes

    I've hunter timber before and sometimes an ic is overkill... unless ur shooting over the trees
  9. Drake91

    Choke tubes

    Factory chokes will kill just fine out to 40 yards... if your looking for over 40 yards then go aftermarket and spend time at the patterning board
  10. Drake91

    Waterfowl gear for sale in pa

    Any of you local pa guys interested go over to the classifieds I got a list of stuff I wanna sell
  11. Drake91

    Rifle for big whitetails?

    .270 is hard to beat due to ammo aint super expensive compared to the others u listed recoil is very mild and pretty flat shootin to 400 yards... i have a 7mm i picked up before covid happened wish i wouldve went with the .270 due to the price of 7mm and the availability is non existent around...
  12. Drake91

    SBE 3 28 Gauge

    I could be wrong but I doubt the sbe3 will ever have the resale down the road the original sbe has... too many of the sbe3's sent back to benelli in its first few years
  13. Drake91

    As if we didn't already know...

    I collected unemployment for the first time in the summer of 2020 my steel mill put us on a furlough for 3 months... then went back to work april 2021 they closed 4 of our plants mine was one of them... i never bothered with unemployment heard it was a nightmare got a job 2 weeks after... i...
  14. Drake91

    Let's Talk Snow Geese

    Snow goose hunts look like alot of fun on my bucket list for sure... i dont see em where i live
  15. Drake91

    One mean 20 gauge load

    Thats the factory load emi offers
  16. Drake91


    I saw em at sportsmans warehouse in 12ga 3" for $49.99 a box of 10
  17. Drake91

    A5 Sweet Sixteen MOSGH

    I never owned a a5 always wanted one but regardless that gun to me is always wood and blued barrels... i own camo guns but i like those guns in wood
  18. Drake91

    Why shoot "sub-gauges?"

    Your right and now that i think about it my wifes pap is a big remington guy has multiple 1100 and other remington guns... i mighr ask if he has a .410 that he would be interested in selling
  19. Drake91

    Why shoot "sub-gauges?"

    Ya 1100 are nice guns... i never looked for .410's much what would be a good .410 semi auto to but nowdays... dont want a cheap made one
  20. Drake91

    What a day for not killing a bird

    Id he all for that if it takes eliminating the one week we get in October

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