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    The Sandhills of Nebraska never disappoints. My son took this bird yesterday morning. His 6 year old was along for a hunting weekend with dad and papa.
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    O/T do people get paid while being transported to a job site?

    I get paid to sit in a hotel room after so many hours.
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    Digging Dog

    Stake some chicken wire in it, dogs usually don’t like getting their claws in it.
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    Back From Mexico

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    Litter Boxes

    I believe that the litter box thing was already tried in Iowa(if I remember correctly). It was shot down by the school district and the district basically said that public school was for people, not cats, so stay home if you wanna be a cat.
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    Well, here come electric airplanes.

    I see no problem with an electric airplane. I mean, I had rubberband powered ones when I was a kid, they flew ok.
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    $20 Hoodie

    Got mine today and just tried it on. Gonna be an awesome hoodie to layer with. Weeds/sawdust sticking to it might be an issue but it’s a really nice hoodie that’s normally $60.
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    Pancreatic cancer - what to expect?

    Sorry to hear about that. My advice since I’m pretty much over my cancer battle and was nowhere as bad off as your mom will get….go spend time with her. Even if it’s just sitting in the same room and watching tv. Let her control the pace of what goes on. Get paperwork updated and in line now...
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    Security Alert / USPS

    When I changed locks on my house I wanted matching keys for simplicity. So, me and the wife are looking at locks at the store and 1 of the employees asks if we need help. We asked about having locks rekeyed to match. He said, just make sure you take locks out of the same box and they’ll match...
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    Skipping school

    I used to pull my son out for a week in NoDak and a week for Spring Snows. He’s no worse off now than if he went to school those days.
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    Recommended for you ?

    Yes, annoying as hell and an unnecessary thing for the forum
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    $20 Hoodie

    Thanks, just ordered one. $20.05 with free ship to store for pickup.
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    Best Prom Picture Ever

    That kid has no idea how good he has it, hope he’s smart enough to keep it all.
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    Where is All the Coal Going??

    Since I work for that railroad you see everyday, I can say with about 100% certainty it’s going to China and anyone else that wants to buy it. Did anyone think that with our go green government that those that own coal were not going to keep producing it and selling it to whoever? This country...
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    We got two turkeys the other day with our train. They were so into fighting each other, they paid no attention to us.
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    2022-2023 Season Recommendations

    Haven’t seen anything
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    Bark collars?

    My last dog would bark nonstop while we ate meals as he wanted his share. Bought a plain cheap bark collar and put it on him. First time we tried it, he yiped like you wouldn’t believe. After that 1 time, I took the batteries out and would slide it on him when we ate. He never made a noise again...
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    What happens if you die in jail?

    Who cares, you’re dead.
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    BBQ: Pork or Beef?

    Pork. Unless I can get burnt ends done right.
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    2022-2023 Season Recommendations

    So if the limits go lower, what does that do for the tier 1 and tier 2 system of choosing which one you wanna use for the season? Not very fair if the tier 1 guys get a lower limit but tier 2 stays at 3. And if the populations are hurting, isn’t it better to have hunters out that can ID what...