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    Would you go duck hunting with AB

    Is AB safe? if he is, then yes.
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    The Lake Wobegon Affect

    why even have schools?
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    Patterned some Black Cloud TSS 3&9

    I used the Black Cloud TSS BB and 7 on trafficking snows this spring. They were flying directly into a 20 mph wind and would hover over the blind, barely moving. 3 fell within 20 yards of the blind but 3 others caught the wind and fell about 100, 200 and 250 yards away, off to the side and...
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    How did you learn to drive!

    Mom says I was 6 when I turned the key on dad's Ford flat 6 farm truck and pushed the start button. The truck was in gear, and it started going forward. She says she ran out of the house and turned it off and pulled me out of the truck. I just remember the knot in my stomach when it started...
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    Leftist Teachers

    ^without reading, where is the superintendent and the school board?
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    How to waste a court's time and resources

    The stupid things people think of...
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    The Lake Wobegon Affect

    I think grade inflation has been creeping along for over 40 years. My class of around 190 graduating students had 7 with straight A's, whereas a few years prior, there would be 1 or 2. It's ridiculous to make a standardized test optional for college entrance requirements. It's obvious they...
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    What’s for lunch today?

    Nothing is better than razor clams! Taken with a suction gun? First time I used one, I almost felt that they should be outlawed, it was so easy. It was during a family reunion on the coast, and everyone got their limits, even the kids. Quite a difference compared to shoveling!
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    No water

    I wonder how much water is in the Rio downstream along the border?
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    Who'da thunk

    was that caused by the record cold during February of 2021? "recent outages". No, it was the weather.
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    I knew it! Liberals are just testosterone deficient conservatives.

    Are testosterone levels decreasing? Men don't seem as manly as before, do they? I'm quite certain I've mentioned here that we (the USA) needs more testosterone. I've wondered if enough hormones are being flushed down the toilet and end up in our environment are affecting hormone levels and...
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    Taking kids duck hunting

    Our daughter was 6 and our son was 4 when I took them out to the sagebrush and shot rabbits with the Ruger 10/22. I left the kids in the cab and never wandered more than 50 feet from the pickup. Somehow, they found my expensive binoculars buried in the back and were playing with them and...
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    Shaking Hands

    I've used that while seated in the jury pool. Avoid eye contact with the lawyer grilling you and instead, focus your attention on the other lawyer. Do the same for the other lawyer.
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    Ever been bit by a rat?

    I might have been bit by a rat when I was 10. I was sleeping in the 5' x 7' Coleman pup tent next to the old house and something woke me up and whatever it was, was on my forehead. I remember it scurried off toward a hole in the foundation and my forehead had several small scratch marks that...
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    Do you drive as fast as you used to.....

    I drive slower than I used too and too slow for the wife. Invariably under the speed limit. I'm driving solo back east this fall (unless I find a wingman) and the wife is flying, and we will meet at her sisters for a few days and then I'll head back, and she'll fly home a few days later.
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    Ol Tuck is the mayor of PoundTown tonight

    ?? what you are referring to but nice looking yellow and black.
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    Californians are ruining Idaho

    Good post. I just realized I should have said "Californians are ruining the Treasure Valley". I think that would be way more accurate.
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    No water

    I can't imagine the costs involved to breach and then replace those four Lower Snake River dams.
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    No water

    Do you have a link to that? If it is, perhaps it's due to the covid 19 shutdown?
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    No water

    Bonneville Power Administration. BPA

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