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  1. thekillerofmallard

    Did you guys see this

    Is it true??? Shoot time in Dec will be 8am sweet.
  2. thekillerofmallard

    Jr's let's see the pic's

    Some of you have to be done by now.
  3. thekillerofmallard


    Anyone else's double this month?? Usually runs $220 during the winter This bill $401
  4. thekillerofmallard

    Monday funny a bit long but good.

    Four brothers left home for university, and they became successful doctors and lawyers. One evening, they chatted after having dinner together. They discussed the 95th birthday gifts they were able to give their elderly mother who moved to a retirement community. The first said, "You know I had...
  5. thekillerofmallard

    WTB jet sleds

    Need sleds to pull decoys this yr if you have any in your way let me know. Thanks. Or 8/10' Jon boat
  6. thekillerofmallard


    With no wind this weekend is the fog coming back for the Sac valley?? Asking for a friend.
  7. thekillerofmallard

    First time for everything

    My first ignore is Aunt Betty. I'll never have to read his posts again.
  8. thekillerofmallard

    I'm going to say it screw the jinx

    Are we going to have this on opening day of amateur day Wed???
  9. thekillerofmallard

    Is this true?

  10. thekillerofmallard


    Sika Dakota jackets are not waterproof
  11. thekillerofmallard

    Going 55

    Tons of standing water going 55 instead of 70. Be careful guys
  12. thekillerofmallard

    Facebook back already

    It's up again that is All
  13. thekillerofmallard

    So true so true

  14. thekillerofmallard

    It's that time again

    Only doing 250 this time.
  15. thekillerofmallard

    They are showing up

    It has begun.
  16. thekillerofmallard


    It starts Mon never been this early for us:clap
  17. thekillerofmallard

    Sac close zone on fire

    About 200 acres already. I'm sure it needed it
  18. thekillerofmallard

    Every little bit helps.

    Just read: 10,000 acre-feet of water to recharge Sump 1B of Tule Lake.
  19. thekillerofmallard

    Any roofers

    Have to replace some facia on my sister's house. How do I remove this type of drip edge without damaging it. There are folded shingles nailed to the facia then the edge is put on. Weird to me.