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  1. brentbullets

    How has your fishing been ?

    Thursday morning in less than 2 hours. This morning in less than 3 hours.
  2. brentbullets

    Few more headed out

    For sale?
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  4. brentbullets

    MEME Commentary thread.

    No, not similar. 1 is murder and the other is irresponsible, dead beat father. Both of which I certainly don’t condone.
  5. brentbullets


    Good start to a long WWW weekend.
  6. brentbullets

    MEME Commentary thread.

  7. brentbullets

    MEME Commentary thread.

    Not even close to the same!
  8. brentbullets


    Good day on the water.
  9. brentbullets

    Will Someone Know?

  10. brentbullets


    Sucks getting old but better than the alternative.
  11. brentbullets

    What are your current outdoor activities?

    WWW. Today fixed sliding screen door on trailer at fishing camp. Now it’s whisky and wife time. Too windy for walleyes today, sustained 20 mph winds with gusts over 40.
  12. brentbullets


    Well the WWW got off to a decent start today. We kept 4 walleyes between 16 and 19 inches. Lots of wind as usual, probably won’t get out again this weekend as sustained winds of 20 with gusts to 45 tomorrow and Sunday has wind and rain. Just have to indulge in the other W’s I guess.
  13. brentbullets


    Yep, can't WWW this weekend but this weather better straighten out as I have many 4-day weekends coming up after that just for WWW.
  14. brentbullets

    Whats the befits of have a debit card or check card?

    I don’t have one and can not think of one good reason to get one.
  15. brentbullets


    You don’t have a Fareway near you? Watch their adds. Nothing better than Bar S’s on the grill. Maybe your cheap Mac N Cheese for a side? Come on man you only live once.
  16. brentbullets


    Been looking, I suppose with inflation, probably will have to wait until it gets closer to Memorial Day. I am pretty well stocked though.
  17. brentbullets


    Almost WWW time.
  18. brentbullets

    Who carries here?

    I always have with me my wallet with $357 in it.
  19. brentbullets

    North American dream hunt

    My dream hunt would be launching my duck boat mid to late November at Santee and having it be like it was 20 years ago.
  20. brentbullets


    Hopefully a speedy recovery. Life is short enjoy what we have daily. I am 62 and thinking about retirement but health insurance is or can be a issue. I have a good friend who’s last day of work is supposed to be today, 62 years old. 2 weeks ago tomorrow his wife died unexpectedly and his...

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