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  1. Duckboy

    The Waterfowler trophy room?

    Any know where this post ended up?
  2. Duckboy

    A little demo

  3. Duckboy

    A little demo

    After switching back to Canon, I have not had a lot of shooting since am is blossoming. So, our interstate, I-15 is being updated, along with 5 bridges around my neck of the woods. So, last night, the began and after 3 hrs, and 260 shots, I have couple id like to share. I tried to shoot as...
  4. Duckboy

    First Canvasback!!

    Amazing bull you picked up. What's better is the feeling of lobbing those pellets at him, praying they do their job. Then, each time you look at the bird, the feelings come back. Awesome:tu:tu
  5. Duckboy

    Returning to the bright side

    Been a long few weeks, deciding how I was to pull yet another "bandaid" off my arm:nutz I sold my canon gear ( 50d,100-400,85mm, 10-20, 50mm) back 09 to got Nikon. I enjoyed my gear, I had two lenses, both f2.8. Fast forward to Sunday, I posted my gear on a local website. All but my d300...
  6. Duckboy

    Father and Sons, plus two bucks

    Your welcome, id love to hear where on the green you will be heading. Make sure you make it pass Pinedale, WY to the start of the green. :tu
  7. Duckboy

    Father and Sons, plus two bucks

    Thanks guys, it was a good time, well any day out on the water is better than a day in the office. Dizzy, Green River area is a blast, this lake was above Vernal area. Diamond Mtn area is a blast to visit.
  8. Duckboy

    Father and Sons, plus two bucks

    POSTED! ran out of room on my vest for the flys! REI product shoot. I think it was cooked a little too long. The 17 wasnt very wide on the DX sensor, but id like to get a 10-20 sigma again. hard shot for me to get with the sun right on the fish AND..... two bucks left
  9. Duckboy

    Father and Sons, plus two bucks

    Not bad for a outing with paps, 150 fish within 2 days of fly fishing on still water. Need to post more pics, but I figured id post some utah fishing adventure Some shot with iphone, and some with D300, 70-200 or 17-35 f2.8 pano Most fish were kamloop (sp) rainbows, 16"-19"...
  10. Duckboy

    Tokina ap-x 28-80 f2.8?

    Sadly, I am shooting a D300 at the moment. I mean that due to missing my canon glass by switching to Nikon. I dont think I will have enough room to use my 70-200, and I dont want to be "up in his face" with my 17-35.:h I would look into a prime, but would like to get a good walk around...
  11. Duckboy

    Tokina ap-x 28-80 f2.8?

    Good afternoon, I just wanted to post a question/reviews in regards to the listed lens. I have the oportunity to pick one up at a great price. And since I am lacking in the 35mm-70mm, im really close to pulling the trigger. I have read that there are a few versions to pass, and its not one...
  12. Duckboy

    Ultra Wide Angle/Fisheye lense

    Im assuming your shooting DX sensor? I have the 17-35 on a 300 in hopes of getting a 700 later on, it does ok, but I sure miss the sigma 10-20. It gets you a little wider, but it does overlap you range a little bit, but if your not going past 12 then, i guess its ok. Nice this is it has 77mm...
  13. Duckboy

    Island X dream Day

    Not sure if I should be drooling over the kings or that canon lens:eek: Thanks for sharing, and please post the vids when done:pra
  14. Duckboy

    Redhead pipeline

    kids in a candy store, WOW! :tu
  15. Duckboy

    last day

    Good sawbill pounding! Glad to see a pile of birds:tu
  16. Duckboy

    Gifted thread?

    Thought I might post on this thread. I have been claiming a bunch of personal items due to a broken water line in our basement. Long story short, a lot of mounts were destroyed due soaking for five days and wonderful neighbors not taking time to place "carefully" in our spare room o dry.:doh...
  17. Duckboy

    Youth fair Pics

  18. Duckboy

    Youth fair Pics

    Funny thing is that this booth never had a long line???
  19. Duckboy

    Youth fair Pics

  20. Duckboy

    Youth fair Pics

    here are some pics of the fair. Was an AMAZING turnout. I loved looking at the dust cloud down the main dike as cars arrived. Kids had a blast, I heard that the rides were the cherry on top. The booths were also a hit, I loved the falcon booth. Would be a fun hobby, but learned its a...

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