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  1. iaduckhunter


    son is addicted to the ice we've had tons of fun looking forward to the snows
  2. iaduckhunter


    Son shot his first canvasback yesterday along with a bluebill and had a nice bunch of goldeneyes do it right. Along with the hawk that landed on the blind and the red fox that was checking us out made for a fun hunt despite not seeing many ducks.
  3. iaduckhunter


    Friday shot 2 man limit mallards, gaddies, teal, wigeon. Saturday zero, Sunday 1 teal. Was a ghost town Saturday and Sunday.
  4. iaduckhunter


    Son and I hunted Tuesday 7 green wing, today 8 green wing 2 mallards. Fun to see him growing into his own (calling, setting decoys ect) he's fifteen and really getting good. Third generation makes his papa and me proud. Hope to get all three of us in on a good diver hunt yet this year. Haven't...
  5. iaduckhunter


    Had a good 3 days of hunting with my son. Mixed bag of birds (green wings, mallard, gadwalls, widgeon, wood ducks, and shoveler)
  6. iaduckhunter


    The bulbs won't get much bigger.
  7. iaduckhunter


    I make compound ramp butter. Goes great on a steak. Also ramp pesto super simple and freezes well. Only need the leaves.
  8. iaduckhunter


    Lily of the Valley doesn't have the red stem of the wild leek. Yes ramps are a true spring treasure. Over harvest has been a problem. When you remove the bulb you remove the plant. I only harvest 10% and find myself only harvesting the leaves anymore not the bulbs. I dehydrated the leaves last...
  9. iaduckhunter

    Eider guides

    Captain Todd at Penobscot Bay Outfitters put us on eider, old squaw, scoters, and black ducks.
  10. iaduckhunter

    Favorite duck stamps?

    My father in law is an avid stamp collector. My son is not so Grandpa figured my son would latch onto the duck stamp. Over the course of two years they purchased and put together every federal duck stamp. I keep him up to date each year purchasing the stamps and grandpa gets him the pages and...
  11. iaduckhunter

    Beaver recipes?

    Take the backstraps and all the quarters. Meateater has some good recipes for tail and a pot roast. I cook mine in the crockpot. (Use the back quarters) salt and pepper and brown them. Put in crockpot. 1 envelope onion soup mix, 1 packet dry ranch dressing, 1 jar pepperoncini peppers with the...
  12. iaduckhunter

    Bluebill limit

    Iowa had 1 for the first 15 and 2 the last 45. Seems like Halloween to mid November for me. Got my son into a few fun diver hunts this year. Wish we could have had 3 bills each. Had groups of 40 or more over the decoys after we shot our limit.
  13. iaduckhunter

    2020 season .

    Geese short landed this evening. Going to try geese again in the morning and try ducks in the afternoon. Hoping to get my son on a good late season diver shoot before it's done.
  14. iaduckhunter


    nice, I've only managed 1 hunt saw 2 bw 30 min before legal light nothing after that
  15. iaduckhunter

    Spring is here!

    I love spring!!!!!!!!
  16. iaduckhunter

    Who's been fishing?

    Nice trout earlier this week.
  17. iaduckhunter

    Who's been fishing?

    Trout and a bull gill (11 in. 1.2 lbs.) for me this week.
  18. iaduckhunter

    Any Iowa Waterfowlers out there?

    and Wyoming Whiskey !
  19. iaduckhunter

    Whole goose breast

    I'll have to try that with some cranes.

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