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  1. smashdn

    Is Tiger done?

    He'll continue to pick and choose his spots. The way the game is played at week in week out tour stops means he won't have much of a chance at them. He will still be a contender at Muirfield Village, certain US Open venues, maybe certain Open rota courses. He may eek out another major and a...
  2. smashdn


    He didnt make mistakes. BDC is injured. Thomas is too wild off the tee at this point in his career.
  3. smashdn

    Devil's Lettuce

    I don't care if you want to smoke it as long as it doesn't effect me. When you smoke it in a "kid-friendly," non-smoking condo to the point it wafts up into my condo, everyday, it effects me. No matter how low key you try to keep it that stuff stinks.
  4. smashdn

    Regional bbq styles

    KY has regional bbq within the borders. NW ky (Owensboro/Henderson) does mutton in a thin vinegar based sauce. It wasn't until I moved south in the state that I even ate pork bbq. Down this way there is also a unique bbq style called Monroe County style. There are about 5 counties in SC KY...
  5. smashdn

    Damn, Mexicans be serious about their soccer!

    Matches are 90 minutes.
  6. smashdn

    UPS. WOW.

    We'll all be in russian bread lines if this keeps up. Gas was 3.46 today. Made a 30 cent jump the last couple days.
  7. smashdn

    TFWC meeting

    I am hoping you realize why those question marks are at the end of those sentences.
  8. smashdn

    Chicken liver

    Dry them out a bit before attempting to dredge and fry.
  9. smashdn


    I found out yesterday. He invited me and dad over to the lake to attempt a diver hunt the third weekend in January. Called me the night before that to let me know he wasn't feeling well and was going to get tested. My dad was just getting well from it too. He called me again after that to...
  10. smashdn

    What is the ideal boat for flooded timber?

    You got to run a river to get to the timber or are you putting in a ditch?
  11. smashdn

    I wish TN would end the season on the 31st

    KY lake froze all the way out to the channel a few years back.
  12. smashdn

    20-21 Plantation Bottoms'

    Rex, where does your water go off your place? And is it getting near your cabin?
  13. smashdn

    TFWC meeting

    How many more acres did they buy? How many blind locations did they add?
  14. smashdn

    TFWC meeting

    Doesn't matter. It is still less opportunity.
  15. smashdn

    TFWC meeting

    Why is a tier 2 different? A tier 2 is like a private spot? What if a tier 1 card holder wanted to rest their blind for a few days? You know there are tier 1 blinds with corn right?
  16. smashdn

    Interesting article

    What makes the Tier 2 idea desirable in your eyes? If you have previously mentioned your reasons I apologize as I can't navigate the whole thread easily on a phone with the new software update. As an aside, I felt obligated to get a more fitting avatar before going forward in the discussion.
  17. smashdn

    Interesting article

    Bill, when you post or talk I listen. But this seems a bit short-sided. I absolutely agree the state shouldn't spend money on blinds that were being built and maintained by the drawn hunters free of charge to the state. It would be nice if there was leeway to have different drawing rules for...
  18. smashdn

    Interesting article

    Whole areas of Old Hickory would be shut down. The blinds and the requirement to hunt from a blind or blind site on Units 1 and 2 keep the lake available to hunt. Do away with them and the lake lot owners and marina owners will shut it all down eventually. Talking about other public areas to...
  19. smashdn

    Software Update

    Navigating in the mobile version is still atrocious. Takes too many clicks and have to back through too many pages to get to the index. I want to go from one forum directly to any other forum with a drop down menu or something like the old version. Seems we do this every 3-5 years and the...
  20. smashdn

    As I looked around at the new format.....

    Navigation is terrible with this new format for mobile. Same with the "upgrade." You guys need a decent drop down menu where you can pick the sub forum and not have to back out multiple pages to get to an index.