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    How is it lookin in ND?

    Any sign of fuzz balls?
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    Gasoline prices

    Even the price of roundup has tripled.
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    How is it lookin in ND?

    So that sounds as if there is still a migration going on and the birds are still not on a nest. Seems like all of this moisture will be good now for nesting later?
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    Do you bring your own food to a restaurant?

    Back 30 years ago when I went to Canada on a regular basis, the Chinese restaurant would cook ducks for us and it was very good.
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    Most memorable shot of your hunting season.

    I agree with Salt, I have more misery over missed shots than exceptional shots.
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    Old Waders

    I used to do that, but the last 4-5 pair that I’ve had, have created holes in the boot itself.
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    A thread about ducks

    Here in Tennessee, I’ve been seeing the late migrators, spoonie’s and teal. Do you guys think that this flu running through the snow geese will have an effect on ducks?
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    March Madness !

    My perfect bracket was busted with the first game of the day.
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    Prayers Needed

    Prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.
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    Snow geese are showing up

    Looks great. Good luck and keep us updated on your hunts.
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    A cup a day. I’d drink more, but it makes me have frequent trips to the restrooms.
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    Striper fishing ?

    Auto correct spelled it wrong. Tinny’s guide service.
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    Striper fishing ?

    Timmy’s guide service
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    What Y'all Cooking?

    I wish the Da Fowl Slayer would hurry and settle with Georgia. He needs to post some of his smokes on here.
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    When is the first time u mow?

    In Tennessee. Mowed in January, once in February and this week.
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    Gas Prices

    up .20 for a total of $3.49 a gallon here in middle Tennessee.
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    TFWC meeting

    This has been so very interesting to read. I commend all of you , both pros and cons, on your opinion's as they have been very good. About the only thing that I can say is that we all agree to disagree.
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    Cheyenne Frontier Days 2023

    Excellent advise. Remember though, that can’t be done in one day.
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    Flooded Corn hunt

    I’ve been hearing this argument for over 50 years now every year it seems to be a new reason. From Dan Rather and the guns of autumn, PETA, Duck Dynasty, to the you tubers. It’s always an excuse to how the youngsters are ruining the sport. Then comes the suburban development. While that does...