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  1. Truman

    Sunday Funday

    Who is making poor man burnt ends for the games today? ‍♂️
  2. Truman

    Red Beans

    Prepping for thanksgiving week. Interesting that Walmart was out of canned red beans as well as green peppers. There are a lot of empty spaces on the shelves which is just irritating.
  3. Truman


    Can we post video from phones? When I try says error and needs to be from url? Thanks
  4. Truman

    Key West

    Any recommendations on guides and activities in Key West? Taking the family and would like to fish and snorkel. Trying to keep it somewhat in a budget. Thanks in advance.
  5. Truman


    Does anyone else think it is a pain in the azz now to listen on line? It used to be easier than this......
  6. Truman

    The Sumner

    Here we go. What is the over/under on total floods this year?
  7. Truman

    Electric drop

    Would like to investigate cost of providing electricity to our pump. Has anyone connected to electricity from along the railroad south of swan? How about the cost per foot to run a line? The pump is along the creek but I did see a setup where the electrical panel was mounted high on a pole...
  8. Truman

    Orlando to Daytona Beach

    Heading to Orlando with the kids and it sounds like our beach day will be a Sunday. Can we make it from Orlando to Daytona on a Sunday morning and catch church services before we begin the beach day? Any suggestions where to catch Catholic Mass and maybe brunch after in the Daytona Beach area...
  9. Truman

    New Member

    Been watching the site for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. Always interesting topics.