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  1. olepal

    Discount for 'fuge members...

    Couple of years back someone here offered a reduced rate for 'fuge members on a duck hunt in the Port O'Conner area (I think). Anyone remember who that was?
  2. olepal

    I don't eat that anymore!!

    Anyone eat Scrapple? Tried it in Maryland for breakfast. Might starve if that is all that is available.
  3. olepal

    Unusual duck hunting boat...

    That would be it. Many thanks.
  4. olepal

    Unusual duck hunting boat...

    I saw a documentary, maybe a Duck's Unlimited film, not too long ago about a wooden boat that you ease along in a river, making the boat lean over to provide cover. Anyone know what that boat is called. It leans to the side to the point you might think it would tip all the way.
  5. olepal

    Once Fired Brass...

    What is the average going rate for .45 acp once fired brass?
  6. olepal

    Girsan .45 acp...

    I was recently given this gun as a gift. Have not yet fired it but do have 100 rds of Winchester 230 gr. FMJ to try it with. My gun is two-tone and I wish it was solid black.
  7. olepal

    Hunting movie...

    Several years ago there was a movie about hunting, I believe about waterfowl hunting. Ring any bells?
  8. olepal

    Girsan .45 acp...

    Anyone familiar with the Girsan .45 acp pistol?
  9. olepal


  10. olepal

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    Had to watch the Saturday evening session from my hotel room in MN but made it home in time to watch the Sunday afternoon session with my wife. 17 new Temples. So wonderful.
  11. olepal

    Sat Phone?

    If you don't need it all the time, there are places that rent them. One place provides two phones, extra batteries, and a charger. Two weeks for about $145. They advertise in the Colorado hunting magazine.
  12. olepal

    three wise men?

    Scripture says wise men came from the east and also does not say they came to the stable. It says they found the "child". Matthew 2: 11 ¶ And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their...
  13. olepal

    Favorite Marty Robbins Song?

    My Woman, My Woman, My Wife. -or- Smoking Cigarettes and Drinking Coffee Blues.
  14. olepal

    Need a specific hat....

    I understand the desire for a wide brim but other than that, that Stormy Kromer Rancher is one great hat. Wore mine all week at elk camp this year. Highly recommend it.
  15. olepal

    Support for Native

    Done and continuing to pray.
  16. olepal

    Stick Steering...

    PM his contact info please.
  17. olepal

    Sidney Portier - RIP

    With the passing of an aunt and uncle over a year ago, I am now the oldest among my siblings and cousins. 73 years old and married over 53 years. 3 children (one deceased), 13 grandchildren (one deceased) and 1 great-grandson. It has gone by fast but it has been a blessed life.
  18. olepal

    Sidney Portier - RIP

    Acting legend gone at 94.
  19. olepal

    Stick Steering...

    About the time I had my boat in the late '70's, a friend had a good sized fiberglass bass boat with stick steering and 70 hp motor. Running out across Lake Sam Rayburn the cable came loose from the motor, throwing him out of the boat and he barely missed being run over by it. The boat ran all...

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