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  1. BGcorey

    Salvinia out of hand

    Rode down to our marsh this weekend and salvinia is spreading very fast. Canals are locking up and all we can do is to keep it out of our ponds. I've researched chemicals (always expensive) and looked up the oil booms (also expensive) and now looking into getting some weevils that eat the...
  2. BGcorey

    Browning gold cartridge stop spring help

    Trying to install the cartridge stop spring and it has been very difficult , anyone know any tips on how to get it back in there.. I know how and where it's supposed to go but can't install it.. Will put some pics of how it is supposed to be Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. BGcorey

    Louisiana headed to Colorado

    Hello Colorado fellas, haven't visited this flyway forum before ,usually stay in the LA forum.. Anyways my in laws have just announced will be in Colorado next year around Christmas time. They're talking about Breckenridge because it has a friendly town and things to do for all ages (just from...
  4. BGcorey

    Marsh conditions

    Went and rode around at my place this weekend to see what the water levels were like and how "healthy" the veggies would be with all the spring rains. 2/3 of the ponds could be hunted for teal season if it were tomorrow. The other pond. Not so much, I know we're a ways off from sept, but I...

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