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  1. Olefart

    I bought a boat

    Learn all you can about your motor. Maintenance is the key for long life. Don't over wind motor keep it at 4000RPM or under, It will last a lot longer.
  2. Olefart

    Who carries here?

    In the car 12ga. SBS coach gun, on my body 4'' S&W 686, on my wife S&W M60, In the SUV .30 carbine
  3. Olefart

    On the hunt for Waterproof pants/bibs

    Frogg Toggs do a good job.
  4. Olefart

    Excel Boats

    My sons 1854 Excel with Mud Buddy 7000 great boats.
  5. Olefart

    Mud motor vs outboard

    When on plane at speed I can see half my prop out of water, skeg is about 4-5" under prop center. Boulder would have to be maybe 6-7" under water. I always keep alittle throttle in reserve so I can pin it if I see shallow water ahead, at wot speed I can blow across upto 20 or so feet of dry...
  6. Olefart

    Mud motor vs outboard

    Reliablity depends on owner maintenance on a mud motor. I have over 500 hours on my Mud Buddy and never had an issue. I always recommend the carberated motor over the Fuel injected models to folks who are interested. Most of the time you can make it back to ramp with a carbed model if you have...
  7. Olefart

    Cost of reloading shotgun shells?

    Started reloading shot shells in 1963, that was when you had to rebuild the primers. Used and old Herters press, for 10 and 12Ga. Never bought any empty hulls, just used what was found laying around. Cut my own over powder wads and some fiber wads. Used alot of Cream O wheat as buffer for...
  8. Olefart

    Surface drive on tracker

    Boats I've seen had up to a foot of hull hanging out past the bunks, With transom straps hooked back under hull to trailer frame. Boat had an unrepairable 1" deep foot long hook from transom forward to ends of bunks. Boat flexing with trailer and weight of motor pulled a hook into hull. Little...
  9. Olefart

    Surface drive on tracker

    I have seen both riveted and welded boats crack at transom from improper trailer bunk support on hull and boat being tied down too tight to trailer. Trailer frames flex, if boat is cinched down to tight that flex will feed into hull. IMO using a safety chain on bow eye to trailer and leaving an...
  10. Olefart

    Surface drive on tracker

    1848 Alumacraft Jon.
  11. Olefart

    Surface drive on tracker

    I've been running a 1648 riveted Alumcraft Jon with a 45 Mag. Mud Budy surface drive for the last 8 yrs. boat has had three different HP Surface drives on it since new. Hull is 12 yrs old. And has run everything from flooded timber to very shallow sand bottom rivers. Reenforced transom before...
  12. Olefart

    Excel 1860

    2013 Excel 1854 with Mud Buddy 7000, great hunting and fishing rig for shallow rivers. Will run 38 MPH with two person load and hunting equipment. Great boat for breaking Ice with its heavy keel runner.
  13. Olefart

    Mud motor frame what size motor can I use

    We modified the frame on a Go Devil Crawdad model that started out stock as a 9 hp model. We upgraded it to a 23 hp V twin Briggs. We then modified the motor plate and frame to a 29 hp Big Block Briggs Vanguard. Had to change prop size each time we up graded. Biggest challenge was getting proper...
  14. Olefart

    SD in shallow river advise

    I run a shallow sand bottom river, plan on replacing your prop every two years. I get about maybe three seasons out of mine. Best advise I can give is to scout your river before attempting a early predawn run, and never run WOT. I always run 2/3 throttle with the reserve used when a very shallow...
  15. Olefart

    Burris Speed Bead

    I really like the Aim Point I have on my S&W 625 .45ACP, and the Sight Mark I have on my S&W 686-2. I have a 2X Burris on my Ruger Black Hawk .30 Carbine, but its getting a little harder to hold cross hairs still. If the Speed Bead doesn't work out for me on the shot gun I will try it on my S&W...
  16. Olefart

    Burris Speed Bead

    Maybe, I had a BT 100 trap gun, with a Thumbhole adjustable stock and High rib I used for years, shot some good scores with it until my eyes started going. I installed an aftermarket thumbhole stock on my 870 to get the same feel. have really bad arthritis in my right hand and thumb, regular...
  17. Olefart

    Burris Speed Bead

    The ones I use on My handguns look like a single red dot. And i can adjust them for the ambient light conditions where I'm shooting. What I've read the Speed bead system will do that automatically.
  18. Olefart

    Burris Speed Bead

    Might be a costly mistake, but I may have to try one. If it doesn't help I can always mount it on something else. They offer several different mounting systems.
  19. Olefart

    Burris Speed Bead

    Stacked the beads before I called for the bird to make sure my head was down. Was never conscious of them when following the bird. Averaged 48 birds for may years. Up until my eyes started going bad, lens changes didn't seem to help much. Shooting with one Eye closed sucks on flying targets.
  20. Olefart

    Burris Speed Bead

    I shot registered trap for many years and learned to stack the beads on my trap gun, but lately I find myself raising my head to aquire the bird my Eye doctor has had to adjust the prism in my left lens on my glasses. Now I have to squint or smear my left lens, to get proper bead alignment. Was...

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