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    Shotgun camo

    There is place around 3900 s and 300 west that does it too. Can't remember the name. Google camo dipping Salt Lake City and it comes up.
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    7 greenies and a bonus....

    Nice Shane!
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    OT Ammo

    My wife is taking Hunters safety right now and i drove to 8 different stores to find her a box of 50 .22 bullets for her shoot test. Ridiculous..... Amazing how many people grab everything they can along with their zombie targets and make a break for the door like somebody is out to get em. Been...
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    The 'bounty' of Farmington Bay

    Interesting info R. Never knew that! I knew raccoons and foxes liked duck, figured coyotes were just the same. Guess you learn something everyday..
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    The 'bounty' of Farmington Bay

    Nice! I've seen quite a bit of coyotes, redfox and raccoons out there over the last couple years, more than you would think, especially out towards the lake.
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    Sbe2 give me positives vs negatives

    my buddy has one and its a nice gun, shoots in about every situation i can think of. here's an option for ya, save yourself about $1000 and buy a Stoeger. Same basic design (copycat really) and they shoot great. I bought one as a "throwaway" gun about 3 years ago to save my 1100 from rusting...
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    Friday the 21st WAS the end of the world.....

    Nice shoot. Shaner sent you a PM..
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    WTB Ruger .22-250

    Looking to buy a M77 .22-250 preferably with the tang safety and the heavy barrel if anybody is lookin to get one off their hands. Just thought i'd throw a line out on here!
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    Farmington Bay phrag fight - update

    No need to worry, that Wendy burger is made probably made from more cows you can count so you'll probably get a little bit of both!! But the idea looks the most promising yet to get the thick of it gone, now just to figure out to kill it for good
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    Jackson Hole in October

    Good scenery from SLC to Jackson no matter which way you go (after about the first hour or so of driving)! More so going through Star Valley area
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    Jackson Hole in October

    I second the going the first week. You'll likely catch the tail end of the elk rut and watching big bulls screaming for the ladies is pretty neat!!
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    Wow that picture is amazing. Hate to say it but the best thing for many of our forests out there would be for them to go up in smoke....
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    How about Foodsaver deal for your wildgame, fish, etc.?

    do you know how long this is good for? they are out of stock!!
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    Watch for smoke today

    Or wait til mother nature starts another fire.....oh wait....they'll just go and put it out like the last time. A group of little neighborhood hooligans and a box of matches could solve this problem better than the gov't....
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    Ruger 22-250 worth?

    Thanks. Looked at the gun today, overall it was in nice shape other than the bore had me a little leary. There was what looked to be major copper fouling at the muzzle. THe gun could have just been dirty but that was a sign to me it wasn't very well taken care of anyways. He wouldn't budge lower...
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    Ruger 22-250 worth?

    it has the 6x18 redfield on it
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    Ruger 22-250 worth?

    What is an older tang safety Ruger M77 .22-250 worth? It also has the bull barrel and an old Redfield scope. Probably made back in the late 70's.
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    My public thanks to our hardworking CO's

    I had the "opportunity" of calling in on some guys shooting way after hours out at FB. I got a licence plate and called and within a week the CO found the guys and took care of them, as they admitted to what they had done. I was very impressed that he called me back to update me on the situation...
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    Great last hunt of the year

    Couldn't have finished the season any better. One bird had a white spotted head that was really neat, also had white spots on the front of the wing. All really big birds, fun hunt
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    Pics from the season

    Couple more

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