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  1. duckbuster2

    First alcohol purchase

    Probably 11 or 12 we traded a bottle of VO for a 6 pack of beer and a bottle of wine from are local party store.
  2. duckbuster2

    10 Classic Shotguns Every Wingshooter Should Own

    I have a 870 Wingmaster and a 1100 both from the 70's great guns.
  3. duckbuster2

    Taking kids duck hunting

    I took my son when he was 6 every time I went and he's 39 and he still goes every time I go.
  4. duckbuster2

    15 hp motors

    4 stroke all day best running motors by far quite and doesn't use much gas.
  5. duckbuster2

    To flock or not.

    Never doesn't make any difference but if people want to I don't think it would hurt.
  6. duckbuster2

    Who carries here?

    Carry every day Kimber 3" 1911 .45 cal. love 1911's have 3 full size ones too.
  7. duckbuster2


    Price means nothing in how good a gun is there is a lot of junk guns that sell for a lot but that are POS. The model 12 is a good gun but not as good as the 870.
  8. duckbuster2


    870 Wingmasters are the best pump made by far the model 12's are a dissident second at best.
  9. duckbuster2


    Way over priced for a pump and the old ones with the fixed chokes are the best I found one new never been fired for $350 great gun.
  10. duckbuster2


    Find a used one, thats to much for the new ones the old ones are better.
  11. duckbuster2

    Closing the bolt on semi auto shotguns.

    I always put a snap-cap in my gun when I'm done hunting and let it slam closed and pull the trigger.
  12. duckbuster2

    Lighter recoil… Subgauge or Different 12?

    I shoot a left handed 1187 Premier it's a great gun I will shoot it till I die.
  13. duckbuster2

    Lighter recoil… Subgauge or Different 12?

    Find a 1187 or a 1100 been shooting them since the mid 60's soft kicking and great guns.
  14. duckbuster2

    I need a blind bag that's not trash.

    My blind bags are drake and they have been through everything and everything stays dry no problems.
  15. duckbuster2

    What makes a hunt bad!

    Only bad day duck hunting for me is if me or my son gets sick or hurt other wise if we're hunting I'm happy.
  16. duckbuster2

    How much ammo and optional gear do you take to the blind?

    4 or 5 boxs of ammo and tons of stuff in my boat it looks like we are going on vacation. I always find something new to take almost every year for the last 50+.
  17. duckbuster2

    BOSS Shotshells

    You were the one saying how great it was and pushing it in your post and now it's not needed what happen weren't they nice to you.
  18. duckbuster2

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!

  19. duckbuster2

    Tradesmen- workboot question

    Worked in tool & die and stamping plant for over 30 years loved redwing boots lasted the longest best by far.
  20. duckbuster2

    Just dropping in...

    But why there was alot of people on here for a long time.