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    BB Steel is all you need

    A mallard with .5 of fat is eating bread at the park. That being said I have shot a lot of them when I have ran put of duck loads with BB and it works fine on them.
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    Colorado bound

    It is almost all leases and private land out there in CO though. If it were me I would just pay for a guide when I wanted to hunt or find a pit that would lease per day if you have your own stuff.
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    Do these goose flutes really work?

    Killed a ton of geese with the Big River long flute! My mentors blew it so I bought it. I used it until I switched to the hardest call I ever had but was good if you could use it the Primus short reed. Then the boutique call phase started and I have been a Foiles guy since.
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    Fair Price For Bismuth Shells

    Should have bought Boss plus some of the original Bismuth shot was trash and very fragile.
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    Steel powder

    Load isn't worth the work over factory loads though. Back in the days guys developed a load with a 2 3/4 Rem hull shooting 1 1/8 at 1500 and a pile of guys were shooting it and it was over pressured. Unused to reload steel all the time but now it isn't worth my time looking for...
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    3” vs 3.5”

    Good advice there. What actually got me off the 3.5 shells for the most part(I still launch them on occaison) was my pattern work. I spent a lot of time reloading and shooting various brands from Black Cloud to Blue Box Feds. My mother bought me one of those cheap 4 packs of Xpert BB 1 1/8 for a...
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    Wicked Wing Cynergy or Gold 10

    My dad shoots an original 3.5 inch Citori and after a weekend in the pit his arm will be black and blue if he is launching 3.5 in shells.
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    BOSS Shell issue

    Great post and it is what the old timers and my Dad taught me growing up. That puts it right with BB steel, 1 Bismuth 3/4 Hevi 12 for Geese and 3 steel, 4 Bismuth, 6 Hevi12 for ducks.
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    BOSS Shell issue

    Hmm I looked for the 1 shot and the largest i saw in a 12 was 2 shot. Maybe they are just out of the 1 shot.
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    BOSS Shell issue

    I definitely shoot pellet sizes like you mention there. 1,2,3 at ducks and BB,BBB and occasionally 1 for the first shot if it is humming 1500 or more. The way the mafia describes BOSS which is Bismuth you would think they were shooting the original Hevishot. I'm guessing you are shooting the...
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    What is your toughest hide

    Sod, alfalfa or a mud field. Pit is about your only option.
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    2021 Spring Snow Goose Hunt

    Not even that how about yesterday or you left a day because they showed up the next day!
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    2021 Spring Snow Goose Hunt

    I've gone 6 days in the field spring snow goose hunting in SD and MO. Never had a good shoot. One time we got 20 and that was it. Most days were around 8 hunting with 5 guys. It has made me gun shy going back after them.
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    BOSS Shell issue

    I shot a 5 or 6 geese with BOSS 2 and 3 shot. It worked well but I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference in them and the steel BB or 1. I would have to shoot a lot more birds for a better answer. What I'm confused with is the mafia of guys using them say they are superior to steel due to...
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    BOSS Shell issue

    Hey I had same stovepipe with a live Boss shotshell too last week in my SBE1. Only time it has ever happened with a live round. I've fired a lot of Ched hulls through it too.
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    3” vs 3.5”

    I always notice too the 18 lb goose guys have never killed a swan.
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    3” vs 3.5”

    Birds definitely know the difference between a 3 in and 3.5 in! Especially all the 18 lb Canada geese that are killed on the forum!
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    End Of The Line podcast - The Warden and Redemption

    Podcasts were great in my opinion. Halfway through the Warden video now. Even with all the violations that are being mentioned, I personally believe they are to go after the big time operators and not the skybusterbob walking out on the dyke with his 10 shells @ the local WMA. Definitely think...
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    Forum is TU

    Wow the forum has seemed to die over the past few years. I am as guilty as anyone but man the social media and other platforms have killed the joint.
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    Big Ducks

    If you think you need 2 to 300 decoys put out 800.