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    For those who may not recognize him, a legendary handgun competitor. One of the fastest handgun shooters ever...and still.
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    First alcohol purchase

    17. I went in with another 17 year old helper and our 35 year old electrician. The gray haired guy at the counter said "I need to see ID" and pointed to the 35 year old. That old fella didn't want to miss a sale.
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    How did you learn to drive!

    My father had a Brown and Root company truck. Basic Ford with three on the tree. He drove me out to a friend's place and pointed at a 40 acre pasture. Showed me how the shift and clutch worked on the way over there and turned me loose while he and his friend drank coffee on the porch. After...
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    Shaking Hands

    Still shaking hands. It did slow down during the height of the madness (church, general public seemed less willing) but it never stopped.
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    Do you drive as fast as you used to.....

    I'd be happier going a bit slower and enjoying the scenery a bit but as a courtesy to others, I do the limit. Retirement allows one to forget about rushing about.
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    Ever been bit by a rat?

    Nope, and I hope I'm never close enough to a rat to get bit.
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    Ever been bit by a horse ?

    Had horses as a kid and I've been bitten a couple of times. Had one pig when I was in first grade, it bit me too. Still have a scar on my finger from the pig. :)
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    I don't eat that anymore!!

    I'm that way with mayo. It happened in 1969 and I STILL don't want any mayo!
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    I don't eat that anymore!!

    Fried oysters. Can't make myself try a raw one.
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    I don't eat that anymore!!

    I'm a fairly finicky eater. I do however, like vienna sausage and potted meat. Not real sure I would like what's in it if I ever read the label, so I don't read 'em. :)
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    National Police Week.

    It's a tough job that has gotten much harder in recent years. Bless those who serve.
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    April fools…. Right?

    Glad to hear your bad news got better with further review!
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    I don't eat that anymore!!

    A couple of years ago I tried SPAM for the first time. Think gelatinous mass that tastes like it's half salt. Man it's salty! I'm not a fan.
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    List your Wal Mart gripes here

    They didn't send me a W2 for my self checkout work last year.
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    I didn't even get a chance to fail

    If I had a normal size yard I would go cordless now. But I have three acres, don't think most of them would make if through almost a solid hour of weedeating.
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    While Attending Your Kid’s Games

    I've been to about 15 baseball and softball games so far this year, 12 and 13 year olds. I haven't heard a cross word to an umpire, seen any tantrums or had to listen to a disgruntled parent. It's been the best season ever.
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    Will Someone Know?

    I don't personally know any Fugers. Maybe my wife would post up something on the few forums I visit regularly. I've seen a few of those, sad stuff.
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    What are your current outdoor activities?

    Turkey season is still on. I'm tagged out but my grandsons are still looking for a bird and I get them out when I can. Been fishing, need to do some more this week. Mowing and yard work is a weekly chore. And I need to build some turkey calls but that can wait. I need to get my buddies out for...
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    Catching a few Cubs games at Wrigley

    One game in the outfield, one along a baseline. Different views and you see it all.
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    Wasn't for me. I saw the woman's face on the blank part, facing the other way even. It was brief, but I saw it.

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