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  1. The Den

    Backpacking fishing ideas for sons and I …

    Winnemucca lake for golden trout off Hwy 88 is vary cool and close.
  2. The Den

    The dirty delta

    Liberally Toss Dried Corn on top of the water for Puddle Duck (Green Mallards) and 7" Senkos in GPBF for the Divers (Golden Eyes) Launch from Wherever and commandeer the blind inside of Little Mandy with the 200 decoys - First Come First Serve per Delta Law.
  3. The Den

    Anyone else get this...LEO?

    Purchase any gun you want - I can not find Ammo ... I only need 3 to 5 Copper Bullets to show the LEO while hunting this year on the pack out on a boned out buck some 4 miles in on getting my Tag validated. I am most Def shooting Lead again this year for dear season!! Out of bullets for the...
  4. The Den

    Fireworks anyone?

    Never in my entire life could I understand how people take perfectly great currency (monies) and just blow it up in an Instant ! Now an 8-Ball of Coke with a Happy Ending .... Or LSD Tablets without the Pull Out Method - I am game for anytime from what I remember 35 years ago.
  5. The Den

    Traeger / BBQ feedback needed...

    LumberJack - All Natural - And Not Flavored ... Like Tregar. Try them in batches and mix/match from Amazon to your door.
  6. The Den

    Trout season done

    So from Summer '84'ish when I was cutting my teeth around Disco Bay. Birthday was in July - Got gifted a 4 piece Fenwick Fly/Reversible Spinning Rod. I also got my first job as a boat washer at age 15. Anyhow - The Slough that runs along the Marina from Hwy 4 to the Open Water Pumps - LOADED...
  7. The Den

    Traeger / BBQ feedback needed...

    If you really want to change your game - And a Pallet at a time of Natural Pellet's. This bitch can do anything !!
  8. The Den

    Pellet guns and turkeys.

    RH - So you are eating Feral Cat's - that have been center punched ??
  9. The Den

    Surf smelt

    Manchester Beach at Night with A Frame net. Cut the heads off with scissor's, squeeze out the guts, batter and fry ... Amazing past time of my life with Family. Have not been back in quite some time - around when I used to Steelhead fish the Garcia River and some Creeks and Family still lived...
  10. The Den

    Do you like California salmon?

    Took 7 weeks Vacation and fished "almost" every daylight last year/season from Benica, Pittsburg, Susuin, Antioch, Sherman, Rio Vista and upper Sac - And for Nada dam hook up even !! Only thing I caught last year was a Sun Burn and a few Steelheads out of 3 mile slough. Last year just flat out...
  11. The Den

    Proposed 250% increase to CA boat registration

    Just Stupid - Moving to AZ in 4 years or less.
  12. The Den

    OT - Mercruiser outdrive mechanics East Bay

    I do hear a lot of great things as well about Boat Masters in Livermore as well ... But I am just a 4 mile pull to Frank. And I know him and I Trust him. For many Years. Awesome Person, Family Man and Contributor to the Community.
  13. The Den

    OT - Mercruiser outdrive mechanics East Bay

    Inland Marine - Frank Lozano and his Team will always do you Right !!
  14. The Den

    San Joaquin River - Salmon in your Future?

    PM Me a Number Please - I will fill the Truck and Trailer for 3 Cords !! Even Load and Unload the Seasoned wood myself.
  15. The Den

    San Joaquin River - Salmon in your Future?

    I just want two Cords of Well Seasoned and Split Almond with Rounds delivered each October for $550 - And tip him $50. I think my guy might of been deported/or is in jail ... His phone is no longer activated out of Knighsen.
  16. The Den

    San Joaquin River - Salmon in your Future?

    Yhea = There was no water released this year from upstream. Just plain sucked arse all season.
  17. The Den

    San Joaquin River - Salmon in your Future?

    So I fished the San J for 3 month every day this past year. West of the Antioch Bridge for Salmon and East for Steelheads. Nada for myself - It was the worst run EVER!! Out of 30+ people a day - one would get caught - and then there were those 4-5 days straight with now cought/landed at all...
  18. The Den

    Marlin Firearms Closing

    Marlin .22 Golden AS -Scoped Marlin .444 open sight. Love them !!

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