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    need help with mud motor

    Go Devil of Utah is located in Riverton. And yes the upgrades can add up but if you have to keep weight down then it is an option but if you dont need to worry about that or if you add something to compensate for the weight then you might as well buy the biggest motor that you can afford
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    need help with mud motor

    One thing to think about is that the 23 has performance upgrades available, so you can add some more power if you need it. The 27 kohlers dont really have much for upgrades. The 23hp are little screamers and while a 35 could work on that boat, it is a little much for that narrow of a boat...
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    Weed cutter mounted on a surface drive

    Call Go Devil. They sell it, they just dont have it listed on the website yet.
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    trailer repair help

    we are a dealer for them. we did an insurance claim for another customer a few weeks ago with the same problem. someone ran right into the back of his boat and destroyed the trailer. Give us a call and we can see what you need. 801-573-1834 (Chris) 801-680-9237 (Terry)
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    Broken belt

    give me a call I can help you out . Chris Garn Go Devil of Utah 801-573-1834