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    A must see NY COP BEATING

    should be locked up for attempted murder. even the guy filming thought he was dead.
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    need help with mud motor

    Says the guy who climbs on my boat every time he flys up from AZ. hows the duck hunting going down there in scottsdale. mmm hmmm thats what I thought!:flame:flame
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    need help with mud motor

    has anyone heard anything about the gator tail 25 the one with the subaru engine.
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    need help with mud motor

    gdevilutah, I saw go devil has a 27 hp where is a dealer in utah. I have thought about all the mods for the 23 which would take its hp up only problem with that is for the amount of $$$ I would spend on the mods to get its hp up I could have a 7000 black death with all the bells and whistles.
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    need help with mud motor

    What is a transom saver? And where do I get one? Do the pods really compensate for 200 lbs
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    need help with mud motor

    alright here is the big dilemma. I currently have a 1648 legend craft with a short transom. Im torn because I wanted a 27 hp mudbuddy mini and they are currently sold out and wont be getting more until the hunt is over. So my question is do I go with the 35 hp or the 23 hyper drives. If I go...
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    Need Benelli SBE 1 expert

    thats what happened to mine except that my gun was clean it was just that all of the dirt/grime had scarred the end cap or magazine tube cap (what ever you call it.) causing it to jam so I bought a new aluminum one from winchester and its been good to go ever since. I would add that rust on that...
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    Looking for a lab...duckpup?

    My buddy got one from maple mtn Labradors in Mapleton. Great dog although my friend isn't much of a water fowler. Good looking blocked heads. And really strong desire to retrieve.
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    Swan CC hits

    good luck on the dikes sky buster. u may truly live up to your name:flame
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    Swan CC hits

    *** i can't even draw a swan tag. never drawn one single tag in the state of utah. 32 years of age and ive got nothing! zip! zilch! $%#@, frichen fratchers.:mad:
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    Browning Cynergy for ducks???

    correct me if i'm wrong but dont o/u's only hold two shells. ultimate duck gun any semi auto:flame maybe even the ol' benellis give em 4
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    Jordan River?

    is the jordan considered a designated navigable river?
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    Black Cloud Snow Goose/ Blind Side

    I've shot the black cloud and loved them. I personally think they pattern best out of an ic. I know they have a made for choke for the black cloud but personally have never used it. I buy a few boxes of them every time I go to colorado and it definitely gets the job done. As for the blindside...
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    Lost Shotgun in Logan

    skybuster bob can relate if you want somebody to vent too. his got left on the side of the truck and drove off without it. went back 15 later and it was gone. I thought for sure he would pick up an sx3 to replace it but nope he stuck with the old benelli sbe better known as "click...
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    My Opener

    do you by chance drive a red jeep if so glad my friend and i could help:clap slow slow slow for us two down is all
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    2011 Fall Flight for Utah

    I personally enjoy those that cannot call. It makes me feel more adequate. listened to every cd and bought every call made but their all garbage th. Just waiting for that super duper expensive engraved acrylic "plastic" call to come out so I can snatch it up But Alas I still have to blow...
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    A Few Pics...

    well... if I were looking at a canadian sunrise about to bust some specks I might be sporting a chub myself.;)
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    Susan Powell Case

    nbp. agree word for word. especially with the finger nail vigilante
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    A Few Pics...

    Geez! honey moon or not. seeing your newly wed wife in a sunrise doesn't give you the right to post up inappropriate pics like that first one.
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    Filling wetlands in Spanish Fork - FYI

    I do like the double the size idea though.

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