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  1. Loincloth

    Just dropping in...

    Times have surely changed
  2. Loincloth

    Just dropping in...

    Have not posted on this site for a LONG time. Just thought I would drop in and say hello. ;)
  3. Loincloth

    Hey Roostbusters.......Birddawg wacked a buck.

    We are hanging in there, doing ok. Still doesn't seem real or possible
  4. Loincloth

    Giving it up.

    lol..... probably some truth to that, good thing you guys were good shots, just saying.
  5. Loincloth

    Giving it up.

    I have lost my passion to chase birds. Maybe someday I will change my mind. Maybe go after birds every now and then. But the days are gone for months worth of hunting. I no longer need the trailer, and everything in it. I intend to sell it. If there is anyone on here looking for an instant...
  6. Loincloth

    Been awhile

    Been a very long time since I stopped in to say hello. Been a rough road, no question. Miss you guys greatly. Hope all is well.
  7. Loincloth

    trying get a little life on here!!

    Exactly what I was thinking.... all the outcasts are here.
  8. Loincloth

    trying get a little life on here!!

    Two threads. I wouldn't even need beer to take over the fuge these days. This place is so dead posts have an echo. The "other site" is still hoppin' along. Hmmmm wonder what the uncommon denominator is? LMAO
  9. Loincloth

    Fuge fest reminder

    Party at Goldy's house? :cool:
  10. Loincloth

    Two threads. Wow

    Taking over the Michigan Refuge these days would be easy. :dv
  11. Loincloth

    Tully at 6 months

    Great looking dog. :tu
  12. Loincloth

    New addition to the Ketner family!

    I feel your pain. My subscription to Huster ran out too. :yes:yes Congrats Bart!!!
  13. Loincloth

    Holy crap is this place dead.

    Things are all good here for the most part. Hope the same is true for all of you. Merry Christmas guys! :) Will admit that it has been a busy year and I have not hunted nearly as much as normal. Next season I hope to pick up where I left off. Woodstock, there will be room for you whenever...
  14. Loincloth

    Holy crap is this place dead.

    Just dropped in to say hello. Didn't think I'd hear an echo. LMAO. What the hell happended? Did Lee finally win a debate here and shut the site down?!?!?! :dv Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope life is treating you well. :tu
  15. Loincloth

    What ever happened to ...

    LOL. Have not been lurking boys. :) Have not been here in a long time. No particular reason why. Been alot of reasons why.
  16. Loincloth

    Crossbows. Agree with full inclusion or not?

    Ditto to what Bmac said.
  17. Loincloth

    Kids 1st toykey

    Nice Job!!!
  18. Loincloth

    Ebay help!!!!

    LMAO!! Enjoy. That's all I can say. :)
  19. Loincloth

    hey josh

    I love it when Josh talks dirty too. LMAO

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