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  1. choc24/7

    Betts African Blackwood Super Hybrid

    i've had a bunch of his calls, and a few of these. sounds great...
  2. choc24/7

    If you could pick only one RNT duck call what would it be?

    do they make one that doesn't stick within 1 min?
  3. choc24/7

    Anybody have an update on David Gaston and his call business?

    i spoke with him about a month ago. very busy
  4. choc24/7

    Bay Country customer service

    ok. they were very easy to run and surprisingly easy to tune for big's..
  5. choc24/7

    Bay Country customer service

    it wasnt those. they were blue. i've never seen in any other call i have had.....
  6. choc24/7

    new goose call

    had a GK Canuck i really liked and it blew very easy and could get very loud. i've had a few others that weren't, I assume it was the reed and gut set-up. Had a few MG and didnt care for them. Recently got rid of a shorething and i'm an idiot, really liked the call. i will be getting another...
  7. choc24/7

    Gas Prices

    .40 in two days here(3.79). barely seen $3 from 2016-2020. going to be terrible. $5 very soon
  8. choc24/7

    Bay Country customer service

    are the older ones blue? i had a ST and had blue guts that were broke in. very easy to run. wish i still had it
  9. choc24/7

    Need Help Rick Perry Repair

    i don't know what it was but i had two goose calls do this. one came cracked.
  10. choc24/7

    Cabelas Brand Goose Call

    i think those above were buck gardners for cabelas???
  11. choc24/7

    Help me decide....

    be able to tell better outside...
  12. choc24/7

    Big river spec call

    brother in law has and still uses the flute religiously. doesn't like any others... flambeau outdoors carries the duck and goose calls
  13. choc24/7

    Echo Breaker

    had a breaker and really liked it. very user friendly.
  14. choc24/7

    Open Water call...what should I get?

    Gaston DuckZilla hands down. can push all you want through it and it doesn't thin out or ring.
  15. choc24/7

    Double reed calls sticking

    those two are brutal for sticking. gk has a nice affordable double that hasn't stuck on me. a mallard slayer or a callgirl.
  16. choc24/7

    Panel blinds

    they work just fine in tilled fields and fields that are bare dirt.
  17. choc24/7

    "New" Bigfoot B2's?

    cannot stand those bases. dumbest idea imo
  18. choc24/7

    east of dallas

    any nice and easyish walk in lakes/areas east of dallas? heading down end of month to visit and would like to look around for a trip next year with him. he doesnt really hunt so he has no idea. dont want to drag the boat from michigan, would rather just jet sled. i dont mind putting in work...
  19. choc24/7

    New Pit

    we installed one at our club a few years ago. very comfy. beats the heck out of leaky boxes you have to pump out every rain. ours has the dog box. for a very reasonable fee they came out and installed for us.
  20. choc24/7

    ghillie blinds

    was just curious if anyone has experience with the rig 'em right ghillie layout? i have the FA one and it is not very comfy, very narrow when leaning back and the bars squeeze you in on the sides. in the pics they look identical but was curious if they are. thanks