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  1. weatherby

    under 16 waterfowl hunter

    Ok what exactly does a duck /goose hunter under 16 in michigan need to hunt as far as stamps and licenses go with the new system?
  2. weatherby

    2014 season dates

    Any clue when they will be out? Seems like it's later this year for the dates to come out
  3. weatherby


    Anybody else finding any? This has been the best year I have seen so far.
  4. weatherby

    Lions first round pick

    TE from North Carolina. :( I guess I am a little disapointed seeing I was hoping for defense. What do u think?
  5. weatherby

    Bear and elk apps r out

    Got till June 1st to get em n
  6. weatherby

    Turkey hunting anyone

    Anybody make it out today? Seemed like a nice day. Too bad I had to work
  7. weatherby


    Who ya pickin to win it all?
  8. weatherby

    Turkey draw results r in
  9. weatherby

    "WE" hunters need to support this.. Have not seen any of this here and know how important it is to us. First the wolf season and who knows what will be next....
  10. weatherby

    Springfield XDM compact 9mm

    Anybody own one of these or have any opinions on them?
  11. weatherby

    Upcoming shows

    Anybody going?? March 7-9 Deer & turkey expo in Lansing Traverse city fishing & hunting expo March 14-16 Ultimate sports show March 20-23 grand rapids Cheboygan county outdoor show. May 16-18 I may try to hit the deer & turkey in Lansing after work saturday but that may be it...
  12. weatherby

    Give a way on the calling forum
  13. weatherby

    What are these guys thinking.. Hope they catch them
  14. weatherby

    Who ya pickin?

    Broncos or Seahawks.
  15. weatherby

    2 days left

    To get your pure hunt raffle ticket,1607,7-153-10363_53632---,00.html
  16. weatherby

    Time to fire Swartz...

    After watching the Lions today and sticking uip for Swartz last season i have seen the light. We can't fire the owners so i say to fire Swartz tonight...and to add fuel to the fire gb and minnesota lost today:mad: Good thing the Wolverines still have a game so we can watch a real football team:grvn
  17. weatherby

    Michigan out doors layout hunt

    Anybody else catch the hunt on tv this week? Seemed like a great hunt on St clair. I think Lee was suppose to take me there this fall:scratch
  18. weatherby

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To everyone.
  19. weatherby


    Well after 12 years my red ball waders are junk. I am looking for a pair to use in the fall/spring river fishing and summer trout fishing along with some early season duck hunting. What do you recomend? I want to keep it under $200. Maybe i can get a black friday sale on these
  20. weatherby

    Wolf hunt

    Looks like 4 wolves taken so far. Kinda sucks you can't even give your name out if you are a successfull hunter due to death threats