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  1. Luigi Daniele

    new member Alabama

    Welcome to the Fuge! :cool:
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    In his defense, can you imagine having to defend President Aricept, Speaker Dentures and Senate Majority Leader Scrooge McDuck?
  3. Luigi Daniele

    We lost another hunter... Slideshooter/Fred Gains....

    Prayers ascending for Fred and family and friends.
  4. Luigi Daniele


    Buon compleanno, fratello!
  5. Luigi Daniele

    Need fishing suggestions for San Diego July 15-17

    Looks like we're going with Brothers Sport Fishing. :) Many of the others are booked already. Really, really appreciate your input, fratelli!
  6. Luigi Daniele

    Happy Birthday Spec...

    Happy birthday, fratello!
  7. Luigi Daniele

    Goose Pastrami

    Can I bother you for a link?
  8. Luigi Daniele

    This wind

    Today wind gusts to 27mph. Could have used this during duck season.
  9. Luigi Daniele

    Need fishing suggestions for San Diego July 15-17

    Hi gang. :) My brother and I are going to be in San Diego 15-17 July 2022. Would like to do some fishing. :cool: Need suggestions for: 1. What to target? (Huge fan of dorado or tuna or halibut or maybe yellowtail, but open to whatever is best then). 2. Which 6 pack boat? Thank you! -Lou
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    Hi there

    Welcome to the Fuge! :tu
  11. Luigi Daniele

    My First.

    You do know there is a first turkey tax now?
  12. Luigi Daniele

    2024 presidential race

    He didn't lose. ;) Every swing state magically finds 10's of the thousands of Biden votes (including 100's where the only vote on the ballot was for him) at 3AM. Ain't buying it.
  13. Luigi Daniele

    2024 presidential race

    You show a few pics of our homeless "camps" and he gets trounced in every red and every purple state. Crime up huge under him, too. I hope he's the Dem nominee against Trump/DeSantis.
  14. Luigi Daniele

    Numbing agents

  15. Luigi Daniele

    Turkey Recipes (looking for your 1-2 go to recipes)

    Holy cow! That looks amazing!
  16. Luigi Daniele

    Like head cheese aka souse.....?

    It's the best sandwich when it's hotter than Hades outside and it gets all melty and stuff.
  17. Luigi Daniele

    Something has got to give.

    Less people caring (working) for the elderly. World population growth stabilizes around 2050, IIRC. It will happen in our lifetimes that couples will be given large tax incentives to have kids.
  18. Luigi Daniele

    Easter Lamb

    Mutton does. Young lamb cooked rare is delicious.