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  1. brettb

    Just one Pintail ?

    widgeon numbers are lower than pintail numbers, but I can shoot 7 a day.??? Canvasbacks and redheads are lower than pintails and I can shoot 2 of each per day.??? Geese get micro managed per state in each flyway, why can't ducks? 20 million snow geese out there, each flyway gets to dictate...
  2. brettb

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

    Had the same trigger issue until the gun broke in a little. Good gun, many a duck died at the hand of my SuperNova
  3. brettb

    Sitka gear

    I have the Hudson, and I've yet to be wet in the rain, I also have the Dakota hoodie and it might be the best piece of hunting clothing I've ever owned
  4. brettb

    Banded Birds 2015/16

    Was it banded in Utah? 50% of geese banded in Utah get an anodized black band. Part of a band study.
  5. brettb

    Zink double magnum feedback. ..

    Had mine for two years. Love it, super loud, but can get quiet. Easy to use and doesn't stick
  6. brettb

    goose season is upon us once again

    Dean you're talking about opening day geese being smart, and I'm the one who looks stupid. You're a moderator on this forum so you choose to stare at this internet site a lot more than me, and I'm the one looking stupid. Careful Dean I might finally get to 100 posts on this thread
  7. brettb

    goose season is upon us once again

    So Dean starts calling names and he is winning? Sounds like my 3 year olds logic. Thanks for the entertainment Dean.
  8. brettb

    goose season is upon us once again

    Hmmm, let's see. The state of Utah has a max population of Canada geese of 40,000 and that's statewide and at the peak of the migration. The Mormon church doesn't allow hunting on their fields, so they become a haven. Last year I was denied permission on every X I saw. Ran traffic next to them...
  9. brettb

    goose season is upon us once again

    Opening day geese being too smart??? Sounds like you're looking for a shoulder to cry on. Just remember that it's August and you're hunting geese, when most of us won't be able to hunt geese until October. Come out west and we'll take about hard to hunt birds. Seems like a no brainer to get...
  10. brettb

    field hunters

    Pastures and Barley
  11. brettb

    Goose Hunting Update.

    Lujack, Up here in Utah we are supposed to finally see some snow on the ground and get some colder temps in the next week. That should bode well for you.
  12. brettb

    What's wrong with this duck

    It's possible it could be a first year Drake
  13. brettb

    Utah Goose Banding Question.

    Feds wanted the switch to see longevity vs aluminum
  14. brettb

    DSD Lesser's ?

    i've got 3 dozen that are all single bagged that I'd sell for $325 a dozen. In Utah, willing to drive a few hours to drop them off or meet in the middle
  15. brettb

    Opening day Cans!

    Got one of the first BPS Reaper Layout boats, couldn't wait to get it out. Me and some friends knocked down a few Canvasbacks and other divers. Can't wait for the birds to get good color.
  16. brettb

    Best Layout Blind ?

  17. brettb

    Whats new for 2014 / 2015 Season? Pics??

    Anyone who wants new decoys. Not much choice, most brands out there are roughly the same cost per dozen. Makes GHG Hot Buys look pretty good!
  18. brettb

    Help Me give away a $2000 gift certificate

    4 the best 2 the least
  19. brettb

    i am quit duck hunting

    More for the rest of us. Thanks

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