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  1. Mallard Machete

    Want to make baseball more interesting?

    The best hope for the future of baseball, is a faster pace of play.
  2. Mallard Machete

    An interesting set of tracks, that i came upon.

    Possibly a Jackalopeacabra?
  3. Mallard Machete


    No Limits on Russians. No Stamps or License Needed.
  4. Mallard Machete


    Give Russia Hell, Ukraine!!!
  5. Mallard Machete

    April fools…. Right?

    Sorry to hear that you were given bad news. I wish the best, to you and your family. In the hopes that a little humor might help: I managed to pull off an April Fool's joke today. I told my wife, that i got fired. She believed it. I only led her on for about 5 minutes, because I love her...
  6. Mallard Machete

    Choke tubes

    On the Refuge Forums; threads about aftermarket choke tubes are usually met by suggestions to pattern all of the factory chokes, and try to save some money. Sometimes you will receive a lot of questions about pattern percentages, shells tried, distances, etc. Not everyone here will enable your...
  7. Mallard Machete

    What is your favorite beef jerky or beef sticks?

    I do, and it had dang well better remain available!!!
  8. Mallard Machete


    1 1/2 pots per day.
  9. Mallard Machete

    Rootin' Tootin' Putin's speech (translated to English)

    He basically used a thousand words, to say "I keel you!!!!!!!".
  10. Mallard Machete

    Will Russia invade Ukraine?

    Russia IS invading Ukraine.
  11. Mallard Machete

    Remington Settlement?

    I love that ad. There's nothing wrong with it. Too many people are wearing panties, that shouldn't be.
  12. Mallard Machete

    Remington Settlement?

    Correct. Definitely not going to purchase another Remington product, now. This reminds me of S&W voluntarily installing factory trigger locks.
  13. Mallard Machete

    Will Canada Forever Keep Unvaccinated Americans Out?

    Hell no, I wouldn't get vaccinated just to go to their country and invest in their economy. They don't want our money.
  14. Mallard Machete

    G&H Decoys

    G&H was a classic American made product.
  15. Mallard Machete

    Shotgun Shells

    My local Academy had a good bit of ammo, yesterday. $5.99 for 50 rounds of cheap target grade .22LR
  16. Mallard Machete

    New Mossberg 835 UltiMag question

    I handled one this weekend, and the trigger assembly appeared to be made out of black nylon. What is up with that? Is that the cost of buying American made, these days?

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