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    My recent posts have drawn some requests for sound files . So here they are posted to YouTube . ThankYou for the interest ! I appreciate you all . -Gary

    I am not a contest caller or care to be . I built all of my calls to give me an edge over the competition during duck and goose season .

    BigBore -
    Very loud , raspy , and crisp . A good meat call when you want to reach out there on windy days . Or need to be louder than your nearby competition .

    CutDown Canada Goose Call

    This is my baby of all the calls I make my favorite . So I must preface by saying this is a MEAT CALL . A call when you want to pour a wall of sound at them .. regardless of sounding pretty .. and be louder than anyone within 5-8 states of you .

    This is not the goose call for you if you want to text your buddies soundfiles of all the pretty billy bop notes you’ve learned on the internet . HOWEVER , this is the goose call for you if you want to throw it up on the pile of geese you just killed and text a picture to your buddies your already limited out .

    This call is extremely loud , extremely sharp , extremely crisp , and it will pull geese better than a standard call and put them in your lap .


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