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    Love that section pf the river,
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    Just below the riffle you see starting on the right it drops into some deep water where the braid comes back in. That's the spot I had two trout on a double dry. We were doing really well in that side channel until one of his guide buddies came in behind us, so we vacated to give the clients the rest of that run. We did our last float of the year on Saturday on the henry's fork with three boats from another outfitter that followed around us the entire trip. I caught a nice brown just drifting the middle trying to get by them and they were in our back pocket the rest of the day. I never saw any of their clients catch a fish and at one point they had the river completely blocked from side to side right below us after I caught a second nice brown. We've seen at least one of the guides before and she's pretty bad about hanging around us. The wind was howling the last half of the float and we just rowed out, she was trying to keep up not realizing we were done. The three rivers ranch guys said they took the guide class on their last float that day on the south fork and the wind was crazy bad. I felt pretty fortunate to catch a couple decent fish. Early on in the summer we quit taking pictures of anything that wasn't over 16 inches and ended up with 112 pictures. I guess we did take a few of our trout slam day on the south fork with a cutthroat that was small. We have a ruler painted on the shallow storage and the numbers don't start till 15 inches. I did 32 floats with Caleb over the summer, he did an additional 50 with clients and other friends. He was exhausted by the middle of august and we've only gone a few times since then. We ordered a raft from flycraft for this winter and next spring. We drug the bottom of the adipose a lot the last few trips and need something when the water gets low in the fall and some of those sections of river that don't have available ramps for a trailer.

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