2022-2023 Season Recommendations


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Jan 29, 2003
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It will be a 3 mallard limit with no more than one hen if the regulations follow the same template as the lean years regulations did. I remember the 39 day seasons well. It was the point system then. Drakes were 35, hens were 100, lbd 20 points. Canvasbacks, pintail, were 100pts. Dont remember if redheads were 75 or 100pts. I don't remember if blue bills were 35 or 20pts. Divers always coast over my decoys safely, so it was never much of a going concern for me what their point values were. We had no problem with duck numbers in Nebraska back then. The rest of the country was crying. I remember Hartford sand and gravel near Valley had over 400k mallards on it one year during the "lean years"!
It will be interesting to see what happens. I would be fine shooting less ducks. The duck numbers have definitely declined drastically in the years I have hunted. Imo they are much more lean now then they were back in the "lean years". It wouldn't hurt my feelings any if they dropped the dark goose limit back to 3 either.
I would rather be able to shoot less ducks and hunt more days. I hope they don't go back to the 39 day seasons.
I seem to remember 50 point greenheads at one period. Canvas backs were closed, and something with pintails...maybe could only shoot them half the season? I was young, shooting a single shot bluebills we're my favorite, my dad and uncle were Mallard purists.

I definitely agree that we wintered ALOT more ducks back then. That was back when the ducks actually used the dodge/saunders refuge. Then once the river slushed they moved to the sandpits.

There afew years there were more snows staged on lake leba in Fremont than DeSoto bend. We didn't live to far away and we heard them get jumped, they shot cripples for a solid 5hrs. The snows never came back to that lake again.