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Feb 14, 2004
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nw illinois
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The grandkids were over a week ago and volunteered to put dummies out for the dog . They get a kick out seeing her handle. I said ok just tell me where you put them, as I was working in the shop.
She gets what they tell me , and I ask is that all ? "Oh yes grampa that's it" .Well took her out the other night with 2 dummies. This is what she found, poor dog almost got the collar cause she was scenting them on the way to her mark ,now I need her to find my hammer and pry bar that showed up missing the same day !
Little heathens.
When I moved into this house, there were twin boys and another boy a year younger. I'd see/hear them playing outside...always trying to build something, with Dad's tools scattered to the winds. It was like an Easter egg hunt before mowing the yard.
Those kids are grown now with their own houses and families, but they still stop by Dad's to borrow tools...but they no longer leave them in the yard. AND, sometimes Dad borrows their tools. Rejoice, nobands, you may live to see them improve!
Although they all grew up to be great young men, I sure miss those tykes being next door.


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Dec 27, 2015
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Had a wedding reception last night so the kid and grandkids stayed here.
Round 2 of the 410 practice went much better.
Got ear muffs and no problems.
The granddaughter is now back to wanting to hunt, so it looks like a full schedule for grampas guide service.