26 or 28?

Discussion in 'Utah Flyway Forum' started by Vanilla, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Vanilla

    Vanilla Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 6, 2003
    Where I can see those Rocky Mtns
    I know the real answer to this is very subjective to the individual, but I'd be interested to hear your personal opinions on a 26 inch barrel versus a 28 inch barrel.

    Which do you prefer, and why? (the why is the more important part here) Do you find that there is a significant, or even noticeable difference in performance between each? I guess that would require that you have shot both to really know...hopefully there are a bunch of you out there who have! :tu
  2. wetfootguide

    wetfootguide Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 1, 2001
    Logan UT
    I like 28". I'd shoot a 30" if you could get them for the SBE. I started out hunting with a dad that grew up in the era of long barrels, full chokes, and big heavy lead shot.

    Later on when I started hunting in a pit a lot, getting that barrel out of the pit was a huge benefit. And my hunting partners didn't mind either.

  3. bubba41

    bubba41 Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 22, 2003
    I shot a 26 growing up until about 6 years ago. I went into gallensens in slc and bought a winchest sx2 w/28 barrel and have loved it. I find it easier to get on birds and follow through with the shot. That being said alot of candy birds have been shot at and missed. I do it to make my son laugh;)
    when son started hunting waterfowl at age 10 he wanted to shoot that sx2 bad but just a bit too big at the time. He's now 14 and has shot it for the last 2 seasons and left me with the benelli nova/26 which I am not a fan of the least bit. This off season I am getting an sx3 /28 barrel. Can't wait but I'm sure that little turd will give me the puppy dog eyes and I will be back shooting the sx2.
    He's dropped 15 geese this year with that sx2 and of them 3 were banded. Lucky bugger!:eek:
  4. Bug Doc

    Bug Doc Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    IMO the best barrel length is going to depend a lot on the model of shotgun you're shooting. I've been shooting 1100/1187's for decades, and with a 30" barrel they tend to be muzzle-heavy. When I got my first one with a 26" barrel I honestly thought it was much lighter than all my other guns, when in reality it was just balanced better. I've since picked up 26" barrels for all my other 1100's. They handle much better with the shorter barrel. :tu
  5. Bret Wonnacott

    Bret Wonnacott Elite Refuge Member

    May 17, 2003
    I like the long site plain of the 28" especially on an o/u. My 26" barrels are OK too but I shoot better with the 28" most of the time. I do like my 3 1/2 inch auto with the 26" barrel it makes the site plain closer to the 28 O/u that I shoot in the uplands.
    I don't see a lick of difference in performance that is all ammo/choke.
    I think the expression is that the 28 puts you 2" closer to the target and that is about it.

    Buy what you like best.
  6. Ben Elli

    Ben Elli Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 15, 2000
    Layton, Utah
    I, like Kev was brought up shooting long, tight bbls. I switched to 26" bbls about 20 years ago and have never looked back. There are multiple reasons I like them so much. They are lighter, they swing faster, they are more manageable in a blind. I've considered the argument about longer bbls being better in relation to sight radius, but in reality going from 40 inches down to 36 inches in sight radius will not make any significant difference in the real world. In fact, I contend that even with a 10" bbl you'd see no difference. Unlike a rifle or a handgun, you're not lining up 3 objects (eye, rear sight, frt. site) so sight radius is thrown out the window with shotguns. Your cheek is always in the same place on the stock (or should be) and the front bead too is always in the same place no mater what the length of bbl is. Eye to bead to target equals a dead bird no mater bbl length.
  7. Paddler

    Paddler Banned

    Feb 12, 2001
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    I like 28". I have a couple of SxS with 29", and like them, too. My really nice 20 gauge SxS has 26" tubes, and would be worth more if they were longer. IMO, a 12 gauge double gun looks stubby with 26", and all doubles look sleeker with the longer tubes. Because of foreshortening, I honestly don't notice a huge difference when they're mounted, though the longer barrels may smooth my swing a bit. But I can use being 2" or 3" closer, too. I think it's really a non-issue with autos, due to the action length.
  8. mojo1

    mojo1 Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 26, 2007
    NE Arkansas
    All made good points for and against the lengths you stated; it is really a matter of what feels good to you when you mount the gun.

    For 12 gauge pump and semi field (hunting) guns I like 26? tubes because they are easy to maneuver in blinds and through the brush. I have 28? tubes on my 20 gauges since they tend to be somewhat shorter and lighter overall than the 12?s.

    My sporting clays and skeet gun has a 30? tube.

    I can shoot all equally well.

    I also agree double guns swing better with 28" or longer barrels.

    I am guessing you are looking for a general all around gun and if you don't go with a double, I would recommend the 26".
  9. rjefre

    rjefre Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 18, 2003
    So. Weber
    I started out with 30" barrels many years ago. In the 90's I started using a 26" barrel and loved it. I am now using a 28" barrel, and love it too. The 26" tube felt light and fast, but that may have been my perception rather than reality.
  10. macanudo

    macanudo New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    I like the 28". It feels just right on my SBE. My friends shoot mostly 26", they consider the shorter barrels to be faster, I feel lilke they are too whippy for my liking.

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