A new year begins

Discussion in 'Iowa Flyway Forum' started by qac, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. qac

    qac Refuge Member

    Jan 2, 2010
    A new waterfowl season has begun. I went to the Iowa game on Saturday and for 3 quarters, I wished I had gone Duck hunting on the good old Coralville Resevoir. Wow what a 4th quarter and finish. I prefer late season hunting so going to the football game and missing an opening day dosent bother me to much. I actually prefer to sit with 70,000 in a football stadium vs 70,000 on the resevoir on opening day.

    So today (Sunday) I headed out to one of my ponds to see what might fly in. What a perfect morning. Light breeze, cool temps and not a bug in the sky. I saw several deer, squirrell's and 2 humming birds working on a couple of orange colored flower's near the pond's edge. I did have one woodie hen zip in and swim up to within 25 feet of me, she kept looking and looking but could not figure out what I was. I was sitting still, no blind, just next to a tree, she finally decided I was not part of the tree and with a wheeek wheeek she took off. Had she been a drake I would have maybe taken a shot on arrival but well, I just enjoyed the morning. I left just before the rain started. Great Morning.

    Some friends of mine left yesterday for Saskatchewan. They drove 14 hours and still had 7 hours to go today. They are really looking forword to some great whack-n-stack-n action. I hope they have fun. I still have 4 weeks till I leave for North Dakota to hunt with my Aunt & Uncle. Can't Wait!

    For now I am easing into this new year full of hope,hope for good weather, great experiences and bird filled sky's. What really matter's though is spending time with friends and family, enjoying the great outdoors and making lasting memories. Good luck and good hunting to all.

  2. browninga5m

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    Oct 21, 2008
    My wife was at the game but I cant turn down any hunting. We saw alot of hummingbirds yesterday as well. I havent really ever noticed that many in the marsh before. This morning I heard something on the back of my blind, turned and looked over side of boat and one of those annoying peeping birds, Rail maybe, was walking on bottom of my blind LOL.. The bird did not seem to concerned by us just hopped into weeds and started pulling stuff out of the mud to eat.

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