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Band stories...

Discussion in 'The Duck Hunters Forum' started by likesbigspreads, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. JohnDiver

    JohnDiver Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 5, 2006
    Shot a black duck, it wasn’t quite dead and dove on my dog. Never saw it come back up and figured it was gone. About 15 minutes later, here comes a black duck around the point doing the cripple swim, just it’s head exposed. It was swimming right thru the decoys and I shot it again. Dog brought it back and it was banded. Banded on my birthday too.
  2. buzzkill

    buzzkill Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Deep thoughts
    Several years ago I was hunting a small pond with a friend. It was a little slow with just singles coming in, but enough to keep us there. The pond can be a really good wood duck hole at times. With the singles coming in we turn it into a gentlemans hunt and take turns shooting birds as they come in. You only get one shot . I shoot one, he shoots the next, etc.. You miss your shot and the other guys gets to shoot at the bird yu missed. This continues and we are both making our shots on our birds. We have a nice drake wood duck come in and it's his shot. He wiffs his shot and it's my chance to shoot the bird he missed. I drop it as its flying off. Of course.. its banded. I still rib him about that missed shot to this day.
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  3. waterswatter

    waterswatter Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 11, 2007
    Three of us were jumping a creek during a December cold front that brought big flocks of fresh birds in. In one single jump we got three banded mallards. We got a couple more banded birds later on that day. Bands really did not mean much to us and I threw mine into a drawer and later lost them. That was one of the good ole days that I was fortunate to experience during the mid-70's when flocks of hundreds and thousands would descend upon any unfrozen water in a frozen landscape.
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  4. salthunter

    salthunter Moderator Moderator

    Jun 14, 2002
    SE Idaho
    I mostly chase geese now

    But as a young kid, 48 years ago we took the day from school to hunt
    For what ever reason my buddies mom was dragging her feet then dropped us off at 1:00 in the afternoon along the River
    We had three or four duck decoys , and it was my buddies turn to carry them
    I loaded my gun as I took the lead as we walked a sandbar on the Minnesota river
    A hen gw teal was fling the shore I pulled up and killed the hen teal
    The teal hung up in A log. I peeled off down to my whittie- tighties, swam out and got the duck
    Banded in Connecticut killed in Minnesota

    only banded duck

    GUNNERX2 Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 14, 2007
    I think it was 5 years ago, we had a blind on a local WMA and mostly got to watch another blind across the cove smack ducks all season. On one three gun volley, we heard a bunch of whooping and hollering. Rumors got around that they had killed two drake mallards that had consecutive numbered Jack Miner bands. After the season, I went to the Jack Miner web site to look up reported bands and sure enough, there it was. The reporting hunter(s) even gave up the blind number when reporting the info.
  6. Refuge Member

    Oct 9, 2016
    West KY
    Very cool band stories... I do enjoy reading those. I have several band stories I could share from taking 2 banded wood ducks with one round, taking a miner mallard on Christmas Eve in west KY and jump shooting a banded drake canvasback that I had seen and passed on a pond for 3 consecutive days. Here is my best, I was checking my holes one cold January afternoon. I was searching for concentrations of birds to hunt the next morning however always take my gun just in case. Anyway I was checking a small hole the mallards seems to frequent. It was only 35 yards across. Didn’t not notice anything. I stood up holding my 870. Then a single drake green head came busting up from the flooded grass. Completely took me by surprise! I raised up and popped off 3 rounds. He kept going as if nothing happened gaining height and flying just over the ridge out of sight. It was not likely for me to miss and was scratching my head. I walked straight out the flight path for curiosity. A tree line was every bit of 500-600 yards away. My intensions were to walk to that tree line. Glad I did! Just inside the wooded area 10 yards there was a mallard face down wings out lying dead. Picked him up still warm wearing Ontario jewelry! I never seen him fall nor any indication of being wounded.
  7. noweil

    noweil Elite Refuge Member

    May 17, 2002
    NW IL
    My first double banded goose a week ago. 2 different style bands.
  8. Rick Hall

    Rick Hall Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 25, 2002
    Klondike, Louisiana
    In the "way back when," before roadside sniping discouraged most biologists' attempts to track birds with neck collars, there was a season when my parties shot six collared specks during its first split. During those hunts I noted a distant cut bean field location that a few specks were falling into every afternoon, and which a bit of scouting showed to have but a single small roughed up spot of possible cover nearby. No way could I make it work with the great majority of my hunters along, so the spot stayed untried until the afternoon a long-time friend of the camp who's the most capable human predator I've known showed up.

    I'd shot the pair the law allowed that morning, so we only needed Ronnie's, and the potential cover so sparse and my faith in my friend's shooting so strong that I even left a well behaved deadgrass Chessie I hardly ever hunted without at home. On the hike out I mentioned (OK, bragged on) our remarkable collared bird fortune, and my friend allowed, that while he had several speck bands, he'd yet to take a collar. So I jokingly assured him, "Today's your day."

    Anyway, Ronnie can hide under a soy bean stalk and I managed to blind my less talented self in pretty well, and soon enough a pair of birds was over my two shell "Charlie and Agnes" spread, and Ronnie clipped them both. He went to retrieve one and I the other, and when I turned from picking mine up, I saw that my friend had his in hand but was looking for something on the ground. Turned out he had, in fact, shot our seventh collared speck of the split, and that collar was so old and sun-rotted that it had broken into three pieces on impact with the ground.

    I felt like Babe Ruth pointing his bat at the cheap seats.
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  9. WHUP ! Hen

    WHUP ! Hen Elite Refuge Member Supporting Member

    Sep 20, 2007
    Northeast Missouri
    Last year my Grandson shot 2 geese out of a flock that had two consecutive numbers banded in Minnesota.
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  10. West Coast Hoosier

    West Coast Hoosier Senior Refuge Member

    Apr 6, 2000
    Escondido, ca, usa
    Just shot a banded mallard drake this weekend in Baja Mexico. It was banded in Nevada about 100 miles north of Vegas in 2016. Just goes to show not all birds fly north in the spring.
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