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    Oct 20, 2017
    I tend to keep my trucks a long time, until their trade-in value is negligible, and often until they are no longer worth putting repair money into. I stopped lining the bed with the last one. I saw no purpose in the bed being the only part in good condition when I finally got rid of it.
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    the hard plastic bed liners are great for pulling out a load of brush quickly especially if you lay a rope across the bed before you load it. they protect the bed from all kinds of damage if you use your truck for loading stuff. I have had my old F350 filled with broken concrete, cords and tons of firewood, lumber, etc over the years. one thing I can tell ya is if that thing is wet stuff will definitely move around if it is not tied down and stuff will slide out of the bed of the tailgate is not closed. had a pallet of top soil slide hard stopping and thank god it didn't come into the cab. had done it a bunch of times but that particular time made me tie things down. had a load of lumber including some 10 and 12's loaded in the truck with the tail gate down to help neighbor get lumber for a duck blind. only had a 5 minute ride to our local ACE to get the lumber on back roads. when we got to the first stop sign that was on an incline, I eased out of the clutch as soft as I could on the incline to both of our surprise, the lumber in the back slide out on the pavement just like it was stacked on the truck. the neighbor was behind me in his truck and thankfully not so close to me and both of us as pizzed as I was had a good laugh and began the work of reloading the lumber and trying to secure it with rope as best we could and ease up the hill and get beyond the pain in the azz stop sign on the incline.

    with the amount of chit I load in and out of my truck I would never go without some sort of bed liner whether it was a plastic one or a sprayed in model. would be curious to see how the spray in models hold up to abuse with chunks of concrete or lost of firewood being thrown in and out though.

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