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  1. CenCalDucker

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    Oct 10, 2000
    Castle Anthrax
    I currently have a 1436 jon boat with a 20 horse motor. Since usually only two of us and my dog go, it is big enough to hold us. The only problem is we don't get much rain during duck season here in CA and the river I hunt is only 2 feet deep in some places. This makes it kinda hard on my prop and makes progress pretty slow. I would like to get a wider boat and a go-devil type motor, but can only afford to get one or the other right now. I thought it would be best to get the boat first and use the outboard for another season.
    1. How big can I go and still use the 20 horse? We don't run more than 5 miles, so top speed isn't really a priority, but I would like it to plane out.
    2. will a wider boat draft enough less water to make a difference? My thought was with a wider boat riding higher in the water, we would probably make it over the shallow areas better.

    3. How big a Go-Devil can I get away with on my current boat if I decide to go that route?

    Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!!

  2. WoodieSC

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    Sep 29, 2000
    I've got a 25HP on my 1648 jon boat, which is loaded with several customizations. I'd prefer to have a 40HP, but as it is, fully loaded with 2 hunters, dog and gear, I can get her up to about 25mph without my skeg protector, and about 19 with it on. That's plenty of speed for duck hunting.

    I'd guess you could go up to at least a 1542, and maybe a 1648 if you don't add a lot of extra weight like I have (dual electric anchors, 2 batteries, extended deck with 3 storage compartments, etc).

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