BPS vs. Gold

Discussion in 'Shooting - Reloading Forum' started by jrhodes, Jan 3, 2004.

Which gun would you like too have more?

  1. BPS

    16 vote(s)
  2. Gold

    23 vote(s)
  1. jboomer

    jboomer Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 22, 2003
    In the mix, WA
    Shot a BPS for the first time this weekend, great gun. Since I borrowed from a buddy that wasn't in town, I felt I should clean it for him too. Seemed like a very well built gun, and didn't miss a beat with over 100 rounds though it.

    Same friend has a synthetic BGH and gets stove pipes once in a while, and gets indigestion (miss ejects and non-loads.) With that information, I bought a Beretta.

    To compare between an auto and pump is kindof hard. If you compared a BPS against an 870 or Nova, I would say the BPS. But autos seem to have loyal followings not unlike Ford and Chevy. You just have to do the research and try to remove the loyalty and get the information.
  2. TPM

    TPM Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 16, 2003
    South Eastern Ontario, Canada
    I have owned both. The BPS jammed on me only once. The Gold has never jammed yet and is a truly amazing shotgun.

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