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Ca refuge first time goose hunting seeking advice

Discussion in 'Goose Hunting Forum' started by Bug, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Bug

    Bug New Member

    Dec 31, 2016
    Hello all. My partners and myself have been ducking hunting the refuges for a long time. We have had great goose days and always talked about trying to setup a goose spread to increase our chances. This year we invested in 10dozen silo socks.

    We have about 15 floaters. Most of them are the large b22 decoys that have been repainted. Also have 6 snow goose kites.

    We have never considered ourselves goose hunters. We always got geese of opportunity flying by. That being said I have a few questions.

    First is 10 dozen silo socks even remotely close to increasing our opportunities? I feel like I need at least 5x the amount of socks we have.

    I’ve been looking at getting some silhouettes as well. Are those worth the investment? As right now silo socks are cheaper than silhouettes.

    My thought is setting up the windsocks on the blind mound and the levee areas as the stakes are only 24” and without dowels I cannot setup In deep water. Would that idea work or would it be better to setup only in one area such as the levee or just the blind mound?

    While I’ve heard geese call for decades I can’t seem to mimic the calls on this primos snow call. Is there a better call worth the investment or just the usual practice makes perfect (for what it’s worth I think I’m a terrible duck caller as well)

    Any general tips or tricks is appreciated.

    I think our main focus will still be duck hunting but as stated I’d like to increase our goose opportunities or maybe even give us some more hunting during the dull periods when duck slows down yet the geese are restless.
  2. Rilez

    Rilez New Member

    Oct 24, 2019
    North Dakota
    For numbers, What kind of geese are you trying to hunt, how large are the flocks you're targeting, & are you targeting them during regular season or during the migration? The answer would vary depending on these factors. You'll also likely get a variety of answers from people as everyone has been taught / adapted slightly differently & people have had success with different tactics.

    As for socks vs. silos, it's more of a preference than anything. Both have their pros & cons. I've never heard of or seen either of those being placed actually in the water (other than small wet spots only a couple inches deep). That being said, maybe that's something people do out where you hunt as I can't speak for other parts of the country.

    And as for the calling, it truly takes time and practice unfortunately. I bought a few videos & that really helped me as I was starting from scratch. Helped show me how to hold the call, lip placement, the sound to make, and then moved into how to make each sound & where it would be utilized in the wild. I was blowing a duck call before I learned to call geese & learned I most definitely wasn't doing the duck call right either, but it helped me improve both. I don't know anything unfortunately about the call you chose, but what I do know (and I'm sure you're aware of) is there is definitely plenty of calls that are too cheap & just never will sound like you want them to. And then there are ones that are very advanced & expensive. I personally have had good luck with the calls in the $75-$125 range. They tend to be good quality and name-brand calls, but still more beginner to intermediate level as far as technique necessary to get a realistic sound.

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