Cabela's in Hoffman Estates

Discussion in 'Illinois Flyway Forum' started by bulldogeverett, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. bulldogeverett

    bulldogeverett Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    Peoria, Illinois
    Happened to be up in the suburbs this weekend. I've got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and decided rather than order from the catalog, I'd drop in to this location and try on some waders, see if they had what I was looking for.

    What a giant disappointment that place is compared to other Cabela's. The entire second story is partitioned off and there is no merchandise upstairs. The wader selection sucked. They didn't even have dry-plus breathables on display or in stock. They sure had a bunch of sock footed fly fishing waders though.

    What's going on with that location up there? Doesn't seem like it's going to last. In fact, my wife and I started placing bets on when it will fold.
  2. Goosehunter161

    Goosehunter161 New Member

    Jul 6, 2013
    About 4 yrs ago they downsized from 2 floors to just the lower level. At that time I was told they weren't selling enough to justify them keeping the full selection of merchandise. Another huge issue is paying the high sales taxes in that county.
  3. johnjcb

    johnjcb Refuge Member

    Jun 2, 2013
    Recently they have also been impacted by the Cook County/Chicago $25 tax on firearm purchases.

    I get all their circulars and use the free delivery to store. Taxes are a bit high but it is convenient. There are now better options for firearms when faced with the added $25. Why they did not select a sit a little further West of the Cook County line baffles me to this day.
  4. KillerKowalski

    KillerKowalski Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 26, 2012
    Naperville, IL
    Hoffman is a joke. Once the second floor closed it was converted into offices. I hate going there and go to the NW IN location. I find prices in Hoffman to be wrong on multiple occasions. Matter of fact, I bought S.U.B. layouts for $99 a piece. Another time found a pair of the Cabelas women's camo for a fraction of the cost. Picked up a jacket and bibs for less than $80. Their aisles are difficult to shop in since they are crammed. I haven't been there in the last year and refuse to pay Cabelas prices most of the time.
  5. DarrenDuck

    DarrenDuck Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois
    When I worked in Schaumburg I went there because it was sort of close and there is really nothing to do in SBurg at lunch time!

    It had two floors, a good decoy selection (puddles and divers!), and every different of camo pattern in all clothes. It was easy to shop at - and not crowded at all!

    Now I know why they closed the 2nd floor - no one was there!!!!

    Yeah - they should have moved over the county line - they are next to Sears corporate - a bad omen!
  6. icallemin

    icallemin Refuge Member

    Nov 8, 2012
    Their stock has been awful there since removing the second floor. I was told they had to pay something like a half a million in taxes per year to keep the second floor running. I stop there occasionally when I pass by heading up north if I need something, otherwise it is a waste of time. Hammond and Richmond have 100x better inventory. When Hoffman first opened, I used to go there all the if I go there twice a year that's about my quota. It sucks too, because they built the area up nice with several nice restaurants and stores nearby...
  7. riverrat47

    riverrat47 Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 14, 2004
    nw illinois
    I made the long drive within the first year they were open. The second floor was open then.
    I arrived with great anticipation-soon to be dashed. Made a quick pass thru the fishing section, got a pair of boots, then headed to the 2nd floor waterfowl area. At that time they had an unimpressive display, and there was no one around. NO ONE!
    I went down to the service counter and complained. "Someone will be right up, Sir." Half an hour later, still no one.:mad: I finally found two college-aged employees, BS'ing in the hunting clothing area. They were upset that I'd interrupted their session with a work related request. After a bunch of "Well, I don't usually work in waterfowl" responses, they conferred and decided that "if it isn't on display, we don't have it, so order from the catalog." No way would they check inventory.
    I went back to checkout/customer service, paid for what little I'd actually found. (I wasn't going 140 miles out of my way and leave empty handed, although I felt like it.) I then complained to customer service and was given a catalog, with an "I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't carry everything that is in the catalog." Still no effort to check the computer to see if what I wanted was in inventory. I filled out a complaint form and have never been back.
    Even with the 2nd floor open, I rated the store 1.5 on a scale of 10. If I was within 5 miles, I MIGHT make the effort to stop, but I sure wouldn't go much out of my way. After all, hey, I get their catalogs.
  8. goosehunter64

    goosehunter64 Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 25, 2003
    Illinois River Valley
    Took us 2 hours to get to that pathetic "store". The RR47 one around. I went looking for waders..I found a pair...not the camo pattern I wanted, so no big deal. A couple guys did finally pass by..but could have cared less. I looked around, went upstairs...wasn't much there...picked up some duck decoys and a couple of other things. CS was just horrible. I'll go somewhere else next time.
  9. Berganser

    Berganser Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 18, 2002
    North Central IL. Bureau Co.
    Went there twice w/i the first year they opened. Haven't been back since.
    Cabela's should of never built the store thier anyway.
    I think they should have looked closer to I-80 and 55.
    It would't bother me if it closed........

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