Californians are ruining Idaho

Mean Gene

Oct 26, 2000
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There are many places in CA that I would love to live, from the north coast to NE region, but problem is, its still governed by the clowns in sac. Oregon as well. I have done 5 trips from SF bay to north ID in the last 3 months, and driving thru some absolutely lovely country, but the *** hats that govern the state are ultimately what I can't and won't live under. Sad but true. As for being a new arrival in idaho??? I have lived in CO, WY, OR, UT, if your going to cast judgement on me due to my past location, so be it. They are not the people I am looking to make friends with anyway.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Born and raised in California, High School and College years right in Mt View Silicon Valley. Left for Alaska in '72 and never looked back except to visit family.
Killed my first Pheasant 15 feet from what is now Googles front door and did the best part of learning to shoot ducks in their back parking lot years before they existed.
I have had many expatriate Californians seated in my blinds over the years, and could scarcely claim reasons for a bias against any.
Mean Gene hunted with me back in the days we could almost carpet the ground with our limits of Mallards, and Blake Gipson from the heart of Central Valley's duck Capitol there in Cal, has seen that and goose limits all around for not a few fellows.
My cousin used to fly out from Sunnyvale, California for three days of Mallards and Honkers every year, and I've had a migrant Californian... past California State Champion, past Senior Division World Champion Duck caller in my blinds for two seasons (He's had little reason to be impressed with our duck migrations) and is currently teaching my grandson how to call ducks for nearly every week for a year now.
Others have come and gone over the years, but their all just like us.
The jury is out about many I hear moving into the Boise area...but I guess it is what it is.
Jerry Bennion, Mean Gene, Son standing, Blake Gipson back in the day IMG_1468 (1).JPG
Me and Blake on a goose shoot across the street IMG_1672 (1).JPG
So yeah Californians are welcome in the blind. I'd have these back any time
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