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Discussion in 'Colorado Flyway Forum' started by ExtendoClip, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. ExtendoClip

    ExtendoClip New Member

    Dec 18, 2017
    I am new to the state but not duck hunting. However, coming from the east coast, all the different types of public lands, regulations, and reservation systems are a bit overwhelming. Is there a one-stop webpage or brochure I can find that will tell me all I need to know before hunting waterfowl in Colorado? Are there any pitfalls regulations-wise to be aware of?
  2. Sam D3

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    Oct 3, 2021
    Western Slope, Colorado
    You can make blind reservations at from there you click the drop down bar and click go hunting and fishing. After you will click reserve a hunting site. Then it give you the option to search out SWAs open by date.
    The regs are in your small game manual. Unfortunately they don’t have a one stop shop for them all. But you can find SWAs in the back of your reg book for duck hunting. Hope this was helpful. I am new to western Colorado and duck hunting all together. Figuring out the reservation system was a nightmare for me.


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