Couple of Books I just read.


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May 15, 2022
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Due to the recent release of many of the files concerning the Kennedy assassination, there is a book that explains quite alot on it. And, it involves a lady, Dorothy Kilgallen. You may recognize the name because she was on the game show "What's my line" for years. She was a high class woman reporter and who knew anybody that was anybody back then. And she knew John Kennedy, and was terribly disturbed by his death. She smelled a rat. And she pursued it. And, it got her killed. If anyone wants to know who killed Kennedy, there is a book that provides a lot of information on it. It is called, "The Reporter Who Knew Too Much". It is by Mark Shaw and Post Hill Press. Great book.

Another book I just recently finished, is "The Trigger" by Tim Butcher and Grove Press. It is about the assassin who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo that started both WWI and WWII. It is very informative and shows the impact that the geographical area known as the Balkans has had on the world. Plus, it shows how the motives of the assassin, Gavril Princip, were distorted by the Austro-Hugarian empire, and that those distorted motives caused WWI. Which would lead to WWII. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

If you enjoy history, you would enjoy these books.