CRP and WRP Funding


Mar 11, 2000
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west, Tennessee
Just as important to upland game as waterfowl!!!!!

Many waterfowlers are fans of CRP & WRP. The 2002 Bush budget does not included funding for these programs. Congressional and senate Ag committees have started hearings on the 2002 Ag budget. If you’d like to help please contact your Senators & Congressman to support this legislation. An easy to use email service is located @ the WFLA site:

Here’s a sample letter that you can copy & paste. Just bump this post afterwards.

The Honorable (Your Representative's Name)
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative (Representative's Last Name):

On behalf of the thousands of sportsmen and wildlife enthusiasts from our state, I want
to bring to your attention two federal agricultural programs that help small family farmers and wildlife conservation. The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) give farmers and other private landowners financial incentives to restore wildlife habitat on their property. The CRP and WRP are responsible for conserving millions of acres of critical wildlife habitat, at the same time providing much needed financial assistance to our nation's family farmers and rural economies. These are two programs that have the overwhelming support of sportsmen, bird watchers, farmers, ranchers and private landowners.

Last year there were several bills in both the House and Senate that sought to expand
and strengthen these programs. It is my understanding that legislation will be introduced soon this year to expand WRP & CRP. I urge you to cosponsor both pieces of legislation. These essential wildlife programs need to be expanded because they are so popular with farmers that the demand to enroll in them far exceeds the available enrollment acres.

Every year we seem to spend more and more on helping our nation's family farmers stay
afloat during these times of low commodity prices and soaring input expenditures. The
CRP and WRP give much needed financial assistance to our small farmers, at the same
time provide healthy wildlife populations and clean water to the entire country. Both the CRP and WRP are voluntary programs, so if farmers and ranchers did not like them, they would not enroll in them. However, both programs are about to become victims of their own success! Please support expanding the WRP & CRP. They clearly represent are a win-win situation for small family farmers and wildlife conservation. Please let me know your thoughts on these critical programs.


(your name)