Dang that was way tooo close...

Discussion in 'Colorado Flyway Forum' started by Gander D. Bander, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. meatcaller

    meatcaller Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    Great night chris>:rolleyes: Recieved my second MIP last night.:mad: I ended up blowing a .022!!!! Theraflu gives you a higher pbt. I stoped drinking at 10pm. Hey chris, i bet our alcohol readings would have been lower if we weren't blowing the **** out of your calls all the way home.
    The ofificer said there wouldn't be a problem if were honest. me and my buddy told the officer we were drinking, we both blow digits and im the only one with a ticket. he said his word didn't apply to me....just my friend. **** chris, you are lucky my friend. The sumbitch took my id too.........
    man, i won't lie..the idea of grabing that .17hmr from the roof and openign fire on those boys crossed the mind. At least i played you on that pretty blonde jones:D yeah the dry one.:cool:
  2. meatcaller

    meatcaller Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    P.S.- If i kill myself tonight..the following equipment is willed accordingly.
    -5 dozen bigfeet- bequeth to goosedan, because he already has too many.
    -5 dozen real geese silos- bequeth to webfoot,because he is the only other man who believes in them.
    -5x8foot enclosed custom trailer, bequeth to goosepimp cause he is the ****.
    -Wood Benelli SBE- bequeth to gander, because he don't beleive that it will withstand his abuse towards guns.
    -ALL my private hunting spots, including the friendships i have made with the landowners and farmers- bequeth to gander, because he is the only person i know who will buy them christmass cards.
    -Traffic, Zink and RNT calls- bequeth to each and all because knowbody will sound as good on them as me.:D
    -My chevy- bequeth to cope, because he knows there is none better.
    -ALL the geese in my freezer- bequeth to waterproof, becuase he don't shoot nothin' on the western slope.
    -My chocolate lab- bequeth to coloduk. so he can beat her for bitting bailey.
    -my xlander-bequeth to xtreme, so he don't have to trade for my buddies.
    -Finally....my white ducks unlimited hat. - bequeth to gander, because it picks up the l;adies and he can use all the help he can get.
    JUST A JOKE GUYS:nutz :nutz Please don't call me asking me if im ok. **** happens and i deserved it. Plus, my court date is feb.23 the goose season will be over before i start the community service.:)
  3. jcneng

    jcneng Senior Refuge Member

    Nov 23, 2003
    Wheat Ridge CO
    You were lucky, do these kinds of things happen to you often?:l

    GOOSELOVE Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 1, 2002
    Very lucky man. I don't like gettin old cept when i read things like that. My drinking and drivin days were when the cop pulled you over to see if you were alright and then followed you home to make sure you made it ok.

  5. roninrus1

    roninrus1 Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Deer Park, TX
    Only Chris!:rolleyes:
    Glad ya got out OK.
    In TX the reason for 2 diff laws about drinking & driving is the way the money is distributed.
    I think if it's a DWI all the money goes to the state and a DUI the money goes to the city or county writing the ticket. Could be the opposite but it gives the locals a way to keep the money. Here in Deer Park they always write DUI and not DWI, don't want the state to get the cash.:eek:
  6. Gander D. Bander

    Gander D. Bander Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Longmont, CO
    You know Terry thats the shame about it, it wasn't too many years ago they still did that I can remember when I was still in HS they would come find us on the creek on a friday or saturday night with a keg, take all of our keys and bring them back in the morning, there was several times I got rides home, the whole cop mentallity has changed over the last few years, my dad was a good copof the 70's and 80's, I have heard him say several times the way they solved stuff was befriending everyone, now days its a "holy'r then thou" mentality that they carry that just makes you almost not wanna call them when you need them. This guys attitude was **** from the first word, This is the second time I have had a run in with them the last time was goose hunting when they thought I was trespassing and stealing trees from the tree farm I hunt, you'd thought they just caught the 10 most wanted I think Frank was there that time, there are asses, plain and simple.
    Jcn..nooo normally don't get involved with the law like this, but my shoes have better luck then I do and they get walked on all the time :l
    Dang dude... see if you have just took that lil hotty home we wouldn't be in this predicament! :nutz Yeah she was a lil' dry in humor but You just don't turn stuff like that down!! Lower your standards like I have :l Still man it was fun!I guess I shoulda told him about the 3 kilos of heroin in the tool box or the bomb I had in the back of the truck. Hell we got to the copshop and he asked me if I had my seatbelt on or not!! way to observe idiot! Like I am gonna say nope I didn't so he can write me a ticket :rolleyes: Thanks for the DU hat..maybe next time I will wear it up there and she'll think I am you! you know I'll GITERDONE!:D Just wish I knew where the drunk hotty that i bought the drink for ran off too. I would say to puke, If you happen to see her tell her I WANT MY 4 DOLLARS BACK! I could use it now :l

    RETREVR Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 20, 2002
    Colorado Springs
    Cop Stories:
    I had a hottie living next to me. I always helped get her pussie out of the tree late at night. One morning I heard her screaming. I go over to check it out and her pussie had been run over and was weazing and moaning. I put them in the car and head to the vet. On the way, I notice a cop beside me as I try to change lanes. I slow down...he slows down. I speed up....he speads up. I have my blinker on the whole time. This goes on for about two miles. Finaly, I have enough room to get over and do so. He pulls me over and swaggers up to the car and asks me why I cut him off. I tell him that I signalled and it appeared that he was letting me over. He said "well, I sure the hell wasn't letting you over."
    It was on.
    I explained my sitiation. The girl was screamming. He looked at my ID and asked why I wasn't going to a vet closer to my listed address (my folks address was on the ID)
    I said "look, I have a screaming crying chick holding a bleeding, dying pussie in my car. If you want, I will stay here and you can take her to the vet in your car. Do you really think I drive around with a half dead pussie so I can cut-off cops? And by the way, why didn't you let me in back there? I signaled for two miles. So whats it going to be?
    He said the nearest vet was two blocks up the streat (her vet was still a few miles away). He told me I have to go to the closer vet and that he was going to follow me to make sure I did so.
    He gave me my liscence and I hauled *** out of there before he even got back to his car.

    The former Deputy Cheif comes by for coffee most mornings. He's an old-time good cop. He told me that in the old days, the arresting officer had the option to keep any fire arms involved in an arrest. No ****.

    I was pulled over once and written a ticket for going 55 through a 25 construction zone. $200 and 10 points. The funny thing was that it was not a construction zone and I wasn't doing 55. The cop told me that I shouldn't go to court because the judge will double the fine and points if I do so. I just agreed and told him he was right. So, I went to court. Everyone in the room (about 15 people) had the same ticket and the same story. The cop never entered any of the paperwork and we all got off. He thought a few people wouldn't fight it.

    My bosses wife was hit by someone. Not her fault. The police confiscated her Dealer Full Use Tag and entered it into evidence. They wouldn't give it back....they cost about $400. They had to involve Internal Affairs to get it back.

    I hunted with some denver cops in kansas. They told me a story about being backed up in construction traffic on the way down to John Martin Res. They let the dogs out to air and were tossing an empty water bottle for the dogs to retrieve on the side of the road. A yocal cop threw them in the back of the cruiser and took them "downtown" for littering. They guys flashed their badges to the guys superior.
  8. choclab25

    choclab25 Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 10, 2003
    Denver, CO
    Chris - glad everything is okay. I agree with bkhuntfish on this one. I certainly do not like drunks on the road but they keep lowering the limit and nobody is going to be able to have a beer with buddies and then go home to the wife.
    While we are at it too - Meatcaller the fact that you are old enough to go die for this country by some elses decision but you can not have a drink on your own accord is cr*p to me. Enough ranting
  9. EMan

    EMan Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Soon to be California 2.0
    Get a good lawyer and sue their asses. I bet you get your truck back and some cash. People need to stand up for their rights. Do you realize that if MADD get their weay, you will be legally drunk at .05.

  10. Waterproof

    Waterproof Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Brighton, CO
    Well I have a different take on this. Since I am an ex-cop and have seen more then my fair share of accidents and cleaned up way too much blood, brains and bodies from people that have not had to many to drink and still think they could drive safely. I am glad that this all turned out okay. Studies have shown that it takes less alcohol to affect your fine motor skills then it does to impare you thought pattern. What that means is that you could be drunk enough to not be able to drive safely and still THINK you are okay. Once again I am glad you made it out okay Chris and lets all be thankful that it turned out for the good. All it cost you Chris is a little trouble and some time to get it al squared away.

    Colorado DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) is .05 BAC up to .10 BAC

    While DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is .10 BAC or higher

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