Dove decoy line

hanover honker

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Feb 24, 2002
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Many years ago, my friends and I hunted a field that had an old power line (no longer used) running across it. We always fought to see who could get the best spot at the one pole in the field. Then, one year, the line was gone! So, we came up with a line of our own. It was dubbed "The Swine Line", for reasons we don't need to go into. Let me say this is the BEST way to bring doves to your stand. Maybe too easy!! If you have kids, this is the way to go. Here are the plans:

3 10 ft 3/4" EMT - cut each in half to make this set up portable
4 3/4" EMT in-line connectors (to put the half tubes together)
2 10 ft 1/2" EMT - angle cut into 2 ft sections - use as stakes
2 eyebolts
100' cotton clothes line or other such heavy rope
100' braided nylon twine
flat black spray paint - to paint the clothes line black
6 Carrylite Dove decoys - the ones with the loop on the back
Fishing mono - to hang the decoys

At home: To one end of two of the half sections of 3/4" EMT, drill holes and securely attach eyebolts. Spray paint the clothes line black.

At the field: Attach three of the half sections of 3/4" EMT together to form "poles" of 15 ft length, with the eyebolts at the top. Run the clothes line through each eyebolt, leaving about 20 feet of clothes line at either end of the poles. The ends of the clothes line can be used as part of the tie downs at either end. Attach nylon twine - two lengths each - to the eyebolts. These are the other tie downs. Tie the decoys onto the clothes line, two or three together, but spread over the length of the line. Yes, they will be UNDER the line, but don't worry, the doves will be dead by the time they figure that out!! Have a helper hold the pole upright and then pound in three 1/2" EMT 'stakes', spread out around the pole. Tie off the clothes line and twine to the stakes, using trucker's hitches to tension the lines. Do this on both ends and tension the line between the poles. My boys (ages 11 and 7 last year) and I can put this line up in about 10 minutes.

Stand back and have a great time!! You will be amazed at how this line works!! The doves will fly up and go into full backpedal when they figure out their new friends are hanging UNDER the line - makes them sitting ducks (or doves, if you will). One day I'll relay the story about the hawk and the decoys!!!!