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Sep 5, 2002
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Moving November split to opening week of buck season....guesss biologist became meteorologist...with a handful of "waterfowl hunters"...seems fishy

Thank you for your interest in assisting with the decisions being made to help support and guide our sport. To be clear, there are two different issues being covered: the email yesterday involves the national Harvest Information Program (HIP) that all migratory birds hunters need to register with each year to hunt, the second is a structured decision making process I have been working cooperatively with WVU to determine West Virginia resident duck hunters preference for season segments, splits, and zones.

The structured decision making process is a clear, transparent , and defensible method of working through an issue to ultimately make a decision. So far we have had a small in-person workshop and a slightly larger virtual workshop with waterfowl hunters. The purpose of those workshops were strictly to identify parameters of interests and variables that impact waterfowl hunters preferences for season dates (i.e. duck abundance, weekends, holidays, wood ducks, mallards, number of days at the end of the season, deer gun season, deer rut, and others were discussed) within the federal framework.

I cannot imagine why anybody would be upset about going through this process and identifying the desires of waterfowl hunters and the DNR attempting to meet those desires. I can honestly say at this point of the process nothing is really off the table. But what we do have is a list of parameters that will help focus our efforts to develop a waterfowl season with segments and splits that will hopefully meet most of WV's desires. Will everybody be happy? Absolutely not, but the goal is to satisfy at least the majority.

I guess if you and a lot of other folks have a complaint I am the guy because I am the Migratory Bird Project Leader. However, I do intend on finishing this process in an attempt to meet the desires of the majority of waterfowl hunters with an effort to get as many waterfowl hunters inputs as possible.

I hope this at least addresses some of the concerns you have. Thanks again for your interest and your willingness to be involved,

Michael L. Peters, M.A.
Certified Wildlife Biologist ®

Wild Turkey and Migratory Game Bird Project Leader

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

P.O. Box 99

Farmington, WV 26571



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Oct 24, 2002
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We have sent in comments, emails,attended meetings,spoke directly with the states waterfowl.biologists in Va....and never once has any thing ever changed in regards to season dates etc. to benefit the waterfowl.hunter. After 40 years of it,Gave up on it this year...waste of my time.

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