FBI has raided Trump’s Mar a Lago home.


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Nov 1, 2008
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Trump shouldn't stop the warrant from being unsealed.
Agreed. It wouldn't be a good look for sure.
And it's been reported that Repubs are the one who want the DOJ to unseal the search warrant - along with more information behind the origins of what led to the search warrant.
Yeah, the warrant and the property receipt alone likely aren't going to tell us much more than what is currently known (especially if the items they were looking for or if the items seized are classified documents). The affidavit used to obtain the warrant will likely tell us a lot more.


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Oct 8, 2002
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Collier Co. Florida
It's going to be that Trump willfully violated the Presidential Records Act.... As well as he had improper record keeping.

Problem is - I believe it's been a team of 12 that have handled the documents headed up by Mark Meadows - not Trump himself.

What was their intent? To cooperate with the NARA?

double limit

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Sep 6, 2006
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I can’t wait for the mental gymnastics from the trump fanboys when he files to stop the warrant from being unsealed
I am sure his lawyers are advising him.
The mental gymnastics are those fake news people (like you)who keep on believing these made up stories over and over and over again. Is there a limit to what these people (cult) will believe?

Everything the media tells you is wrong.

The Pee tapes hoax
Russian collusion hoax
Wuhan lab leak is a conspiracy hoax
Impeachment 1 sham
Impeachment 2 sham
U.S. troops are losers and suckers hoax
Russian bounty hoax
Trump told people to drink bleach hoax
Trump called GA election official asking him to find more votes hoax
neo Nazi's are "very fine people" lie
Trump made fun of a reporter's disability lie
Trump called the Chinese virus a hoax hoax
People overdosing on horse medicine hoax
Biden didn't leave people behind in Afghanistan lie
People calling call-centers to report ivermectin overdoses hoax
children winding up in the hospital because of Covid hoax
Obama never spied on the Trump campaign lie.
Trump tried to grab the steering wheel and choke the SS agent lie.
Trump incited violence lie
There was an insurrection on Jan 6th lie
It was the most secure election in history lie.

and so many more.But wait ... if you call today, you will also get:

Inflation is only transitory
We've secured the border
Border Patrol agents whipped illegal immigrants
Biden has created more jobs that any president in history
You won't get covid if you're vaccinated

But wait, that's not all. You will also receive:

I am not a biologist
Hunter's laptop is Russian disinformation.
Putin inflation
Trump is going to prison
He brought a weapon he wasn't allowed to have across State lines
Hispanics are like Tacos

They keep doing it because some people actually believe it.... and so so many more.
Everyone of those things were reported as truth by the fake news media and everyone of them were lies!

They keep doing it because some people actually believe it.

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Steelshot Scott

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Feb 20, 2012
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Complying with requests from the lawful custodians and court orders isn't exactly "offering." Still don't see where NARA "declined" any offer...

As far as the warrants go, it's kind of hard for you to determine what is "tactically sound" without knowing why the warrant was issued or what it was specifically for.
Either you think Trump's security team and Secret Service detail is going to slap leather and shoot it out with the FBI, or it was a overreaction.


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Dec 16, 2019
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To everyone demanding to see the Trump warrant:
it doesn’t matter what’s in it. We already know this FBI will fabricate evidence,
alter emails, and even pay people to lie to them in order to take down Trump.
We know this because we watched them do it.

That's where we are.....NOTHING the FBI says can be taken as the truth on face value. They have lied to obtain a FISA warrant. They have fabricated evidence to obtain a FISA warrant. The FBI is toast...especially when it comes to anything they say about President Trump. It is what it is.


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Jun 12, 2003
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I can’t wait for the mental gymnastics from the trump fanboys when he files to stop the warrant from being unsealed

If it's anything like the anti-trump fanboys willingness to lap up anything anti-trump it ought to be entertaining.

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